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Coffins & Caskets

We provide a wide variety of coffins and caskets with a range from particleboard, solid timber, environmental and protective metal.

A coffin is constructed in the shape of our body. This means that the coffin is wider at one end and tapers in at the other. The lid of a coffin may be completely removed.

A casket is constructed in a rectangular shape. The lid of a casket generally is hinged and cannot be removed.

Coffins and caskets may be selected in traditional timbers and colours such as Rosewood, Tasmanian Oak, Teak and Walnut or modern colours such as Mint, Blush, Black, Bronze and White. However, you may wish to create your own design or colour, whether it be your favourite football team or a colour of your choosing.

A selection of urns is available for the keeping of cremated remains following a cremation. Urns are constructed from timber, ceramic, bronze and stone. We also have miniature urns and pendants if only a portion of the ashes are required.

Traditional coffins and caskets

Veneer coffins


Solid Timber coffins

Enviro coffins / shroud

Themes of life pictured coffins