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You might imagine that planning a funeral could be a daunting task … and you are most probably right. There is so much to consider, which can become overwhelming at a time when you are also not in the right frame of mind to begin making decisions. You want to make sure that the funeral service is right and you will want to do the very best you can to farewell someone you really care about.

We’d like to give you some things to consider when planning a funeral now or for the future:


  • Do you prefer a burial or cremation service?
  • If burial, then which cemetery?
  • What is the most appropriate location for the funeral service.
  • Your choice of clergy person or funeral celebrant. (We can assist with this).
  • The selection of a coffin or casket. Is an environmental cardboard coffin important.
  • Any preferred clothing.
  • Choice of music / songs.
  • Flower preferences and colours.
  • Would you like a photo presentation during the service.
  • Printing of service booklets or cards.
  • And what about refreshments after the service.
  • What is to happen with the ashes after a cremation.


If you know the location of the cemetery you prefer, we offer you the opportunity to meet with the cemetery trust person. This way you can choose exactly where the gravesite will be, rather than finding out upon arrival on the day of the service.

And if there is something you would like to do, which might seem a little out of the ordinary, just ask us. We can assist you with nearly anything you would like to do.

Don’t let all these decisions frighten you. We are here to help you work through what needs to happen. We have many years of experience and will make this daunting task a lot easier for you, all we ask is that you place your trust in us.