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Planning a Funeral
You might imagine that planning a funeral could be a daunting task … and you are most probably right. There is so much to consider, which can become overwhelming at a time when you are also not in the right frame of mind to begin making decisions. You want to make sure that the funeral service is right and you will want to do the very best you can to farewell someone you really care about.


We Travel Anywhere
The days have passed when most people remained in their local towns and hardly moved too far away. In our current world it’s easy to relocate to another town, city or even a different country. So if the time comes when you might have to organise a funeral service, we want you to know that you can still rely on our professional and personal care, even if the service will be conducted in another town.


Our Premises
Mount Alexander Funerals offer modern, attractive and comfortable funeral chapels which are suitable for many different styles of service and for any religion.


Coffins & Caskets

We provide a wide variety of coffins and caskets with a range from particleboard, solid timber and environmental.

It is a comfort to know that you can rely on Brian, Lyn and their staff for the highest level of personal and professional care, always with complete dignity and respect.