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Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett

23rd Feburary 1945 - 11th December 2020


Alan passed away in Bendigo on 11th December, 2020.  Aged 75 years.

Dearly loved husband of Heather,

loved and loving father of Carlyn and Matt, father in law of Don and Kristy. 

Precious Poppy/Pops of Stella, Cody and Hamish.

Loved son of the late Ethel and Stan Bennett, much admired brother and brother in law of Ian and Sue, Uncle Alby of Russell.

He was ours, and we loved him so.

Peace, perfect peace.


A service to celebrate Alan's life was held in the Conservatory and Atrium at All Seasons Resort, McIvor Hwy, Bendigo on Monday (21st December). 

 Alan’s service is now available for you to watch, please see below.

Funeral Livestream


26 responses to “Alan Bennett”

  1. Maureen Simonis says:

    My deepest condolences to you Heather, Carlyn, Matt and families.
    I got to know Alan when I worked in the gas industry, and he taught me so much about the industry and the people in it, for which I am very grateful.

    Whilst you are all feeling such pain and loss, I do hope after a time your happy memories shine through the sadness.
    Take care of each other at this very sad time.

    I am going to miss this person asking after my ugly flea bitten mutt – my little dog.
    My prayers go out to you all.

    Bless you Alan.

    – Maureen Simonis

  2. Alan Boromeo says:

    Alan, I will miss our regular telephone conversations it was so enlightening to hear your clear unique voice answer the phone.

    We had some fun talking about a multitude of subjects, many conversations included talking about the bush the outback and its’ characters.

    I remember when we met up unintended in the middle of Australia in 1988, making our way separately to Cooper Creek where Burke and Wills perished, it was a memorable encounter with many great memories to remember.

    You loved the small isolated settlement of Tibooburra and even when I saw you personally for the last time in Bendigo you said to me that health permitting you would like to go back there.

    Whenever I’d mention your beloveed Tibooburra you’d say “Boromeo…your stretching the friendship”.

    Take Care! Mate…it was a pleasure to know you!.

    Kind Regards!
    Alan and Jenny Boromeo.

  3. John Doble says:

    My wife Sue and I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Alan and Heather since the early 2000’s.
    I first met Alan on my inaugural Australian Safari Rally from Alice Springs to Darwin, where he was an integral part of our team and through his efforts we enjoyed tremendous success.
    His diligence and professionalism as a safe pair of hands on the Service Crew, combined with his dry and individual humour and cheeky smile, made him a pleasure to be around.
    Alan always made time to keep in touch and catchup with Sue and I when in our area – treasured memories.
    One of life’s true gentlemen who always made you feel special, his way with words and love of people made him stand out as a fabulous person to call a friend.
    He will be missed enormously.

    – John Doble

  4. Michael Camm says:

    Deepest Sympathies to Heather, Matt, Carlyn and families.
    I will miss the conversations both in person and by phone that characterised the past 25 years of knowing Alan.
    He had a unique sense of humour and could always be counted on for a no nonsense perspective on life’s many situations.
    Even when Alan was clearly struggling in the past few months he was more concerned about the welfare of others and this says it all about the man.
    I know he has had many challenges presented to him in the past but displayed remarkable resilience in the face of these times.
    He was one to leave an impression on people he met.
    I remember when Alan came around to our house on his motorbike around 20 years ago and gave my then 9 years old son, Zac a dink on the back around our driveway and front yard. He left an impression on him as we have often mentioned Alan in conversation over the past 20 years.
    It was a pleasure to know you Alan.
    You will be greatly missed.
    Alan’s family will have many wonderful memories to celebrate and share
    – Michael & Lee Camm & family

  5. STEPHEN SOADY says:

    My wife Anita has been a pen friend of Heather for the past 60 years, Alan came along later. We were lucky to meet both Alan and Heather in later years when they visited Cornwall UK on two different occasions. Alan took me out without the wives for a day trip to Falmouth docks (ship sightseeing), much appreciated by me, not sure about the wives or Alan come to that. Alan I think was a landlubber – some great memories, some great fun.
    It has been a great pleasure to have known Alan and my deepest sympathies to Heather.
    With much love Anita & Steve Soady

  6. Sue Doble says:

    Since posting our tribute to Alan yesterday morning, we have now realised we will sadly not be able to attend in person (due to border restrictions) so would like to please pass our sincere condolences to Heather, Carlyn, Matt and families – our hearts are with you.

    Alan will be sadly missed by us all.

    – Sue & John Doble

  7. Amy purdue says:

    We adore you AB and we are so sad you are not going to be walking through our door again to tell us a story, share a lemonade or give us a strong hug. We will be forever grateful for your friendship, laughter, and wise words…. we were so so lucky to have you in our world. We will miss you so much. Rest peaceful now and you don’t need to worry as we will look after Heather xx Love Amy, Brad, Flynn and Hugh xx

  8. Peter Simmons says:

    Our deep sympathy to Heather, Carlyn, Matt and families.
    For a friendship of over 40 years, we give thanks for Alan . Such a loyal friend! We loved your independent attitude, and your wicked sense of humour. Thanks for the camp oven roasts, the camp fire yarns, your ability to shock pomposity and your wonderful skill in lifting our spirits. Your ability in teaching/instructing volunteer emergency workers, was exceptional. We will always remember you.
    Berris and Peter Simmons

  9. Darryl & Kath Penley says:

    To Heather, Carlyn, Dom & Stella, Matt, Kirsty, Cody & Hamish,
    Sending our sincere sympathies for the sad loss of your loving Husband, Father, Father-in-Law and Grandfather.
    Alan was a true friend to us all, helping and supporting us in many way over the years. He was always kind and concerned for our welfare above his own. We couldn’t find a better friend, will always be grateful to him and will miss him always.

    With our love…
    Darryl, Kath, Juliane, Warren, Neve & Havana, Tenille & Jarvis. Rest in Peace Brother.

  10. Michelle and Anthony Cassar says:

    Dear Heather, Carlyn, Don, Stella, Matt, Kristy, Cody and Hamish, our deepest sympathy goes out to you all. Alan’s gentleness, kindness and sincerity will stay with us forever. It was a pleasure knowing Alan, we always felt his genuine warmth and friendship. Lots and love and prayers, Anthony, Michelle, Adam and Rachel

  11. Michael Chigwidden says:

    Alan we first met during the Vietnam War, both of us being members of The 3rd Cavalry Regiment. Although I only knew you for a short time I came to enjoy your company and indeed your quiet way of going about the tasks at hand. Never once did you raise your voice to get something done. We met again many years later when you came up to Queensland. We had lunch with my family. My three sons (who were quite young at the time) took a great liking to you, ending up calling uncle Alan. You were one of nature’s gentlemen in the true sense of the word. The world has lost a true warrior. Rest old soldier you have done your time and served your country honourably. Requiem in Peace.

    – Michael Chigwidden

  12. Sandra McNees says:

    Sandra, Bart and Bronwyn were proud to have known Alan as our Brother In law and uncle. Alan and his late brother in law Graeme shared much in common. Alan was fun loving , had his own way of dealing with life and made the best of many situations. Alan, you gave us many, many laughs. He could tell great and hilarious stories and never ceased to relish in his rally driving.
    Bart loved Alan greatly and the times he spent with Alan hair doing raising things together were many. There was, and is no one like Alan. His mischievous ways will linger forever in our memories. His love of the Australian bush was obvious.
    Over the years Alan endured times of bad health but didn’t complain. Many men can curl their moustaches, but you, Alan could curl your eye brows!
    To Heather, Carlyn and Matt and families the memories you hold in your heart are precious and yours forever.
    Thank you for sharing Alan with us.
    Much love,
    Sandra, Bart and Bronwyn and families

  13. Graham Christie says:

    I will always be grateful for the enthusiastic welcome to Marnie Road from both Alan and Heather. Alan became a friend by his very nature – to be a Friend was important to him – as to the many Friends who knew him – he was always available to offer counsel or take the opportunity to see if you were managing well.
    He was a proud and engaging Man always with that glint in his eye that offered Trust.
    A Vietnam Veteran has passed and we are saddened by this – All Australians Honour him for his Service to the Nation in time of War.
    Vale Alan.

    – Graham Christie

  14. Cecily Colloby says:

    Having emigrated to Australia in 1950, I attended Castlemaine North School with Heather from the mid to late ’50’s, returning to England in December 1959. Over 50 years later I first met Alan when he and Heather had a couple of trips to England and, truly, I have never met anyone quite like him. I don’t think any words of mine could really do justice to this lovely, lovely man. The kindest, warmest, most generous and hilariously funny human being. The other tributes on this page bear this out. As well as making me laugh endlessly, he showed me the “right” way to wear (and to store) my Akubra hat, which, apparently, I’d been doing wrong for years! He was obviously hugely loved by all who knew him and Heather and her family can be proud that he was, and will always be, theirs.

    I was so saddened to learn of his passing and send my deepest condolences to Heather and family… and to Alan, may you have had a safe journey home and the rapturous welcome in Heaven that you deserve.

    – Cecily Colloby

  15. Nathan says:

    The first grown up I was allowed to call by their first name.
    The deep voice and fake grumpiness.
    The way Alan would set me up by telling me to go in the house, ask Heather all kinds of random, hilarious questions and his laughter each time I would come back with the response.
    The best, most hilarious wedding speech at Carlyn’s wedding.

    Just some of the many fond memories of a kind, funny and endearing man.
    Such a legend.
    Deepest sympathies to Heather, Carlyn, Matt and families.

    Lots of love always, Chilli.

  16. Peter Bradley says:

    Oh mate.. many years no see, but have fun memories of working with you in the CFA ’77 -’92..
    Sadly missed by all who crossed your path…
    My condolences to Heather & family…

    – Peter Bradley

  17. Len and Faye McPherson says:

    You were a dear friend who always had a sense of mischief about you, with a sense of humour as dry as the Gobi desert.
    We will miss your unexpected visits and the many phone calls and text messages.
    You were always more concerned for others than yourself.
    A wonderful and true friend has left us to travel on along the road.
    Till we meet again.

    – Len and Faye McPherson

  18. Harvey and Jeanette Smith says:

    Deepest sympathies to Heather, Matt, Carlyn and families.

    We first met Alan through our love of cars, the Stanhope Car Club and the CFA.
    Alan’s kindness and sincerity will stay with us forever.
    Alan was an individual man like no other, always kind, loving and so knowledgeable.
    It was such a pleasure knowing Alan, we always felt his genuine warmth and friendship.
    Alan was always happy to pass on his knowledge and advice, always concerned for others.
    Alan and Heather a wonderful couple, proud to have them as our friends.

    – Harvey and Jeanette Smith

  19. Russell Mills says:

    Sincerest condolences to Heather, Matt, Carlyn and families.

    On so may occasions did we resolve the issues of both the oil/gas industry and the CFA. The telephone conversations were endless and resourceful.
    There was never any doubt as to Alan’s opinions – to the point, truthful, and passionate. And when you needed advice, Alan was the resource to confide in.
    One of life’s greatest gentleman.
    Your family must be so proud of your achievements.
    It was never about you; it was what you could do for others, and you achieved so much.

    Rest in peace great man!

    Never forgotten.

    – Russell & Chris Mills

  20. Carol and Rod Hadfield says:

    Deepest Sympathy to Heather, Matt, Carlyn and families.

    Alan will be missed by you all and the many friends he gained through his wonderful sense of humour and genuine caring nature, a true friend such as Alan is to be treasured.
    Alan you will be sorely missed.

    Rest in Peace good friend.

    – Carol and Rod Hadfield

  21. Kate Ellis says:

    AB our lives were all the richer for knowing you.
    We will miss your presence, honesty, support and joy that you bought to all the moments we shared.
    We will be forever grateful for having known you and you will be missed more than words can express.

    Heather, Carlyn, Matt, Don, Kristy, Stella, Cody and Hamish – Our thoughts are with you all.

    – Kate, Josh, Lachlan and Kealan Ellis

  22. Peter & Helen Marke says:

    Our deepest sympathy Heather and Family.
    Alan was (as you well know) and absolute gentleman and always conducted himself with absolute decorum and courtesy for others.
    We feel for you greatly Heather and our very best wishes for strength and understanding over the next few days to you all.

    Farewell to a great guy.

    Sorry we can’t be with you for today’s Memorial but we will be thinking of you all.

    – Peter and Helen Marke

  23. John F Sheehan says:

    To Heather, Carolyn ,Dom & Stella, Matt, Kirsty, Cody and Hamish. Our sincere condolences for the loss of your Loving Husband, Father &
    Grandfather. Alan was a True and wonderful friend, he will be missed dearly .
    Rest In Peace now our fellow “ Mate and Veteran “ .
    John and Trish Sheehan.

  24. Fran and John Wright says:

    Our heartfelt sympathy to Heather, Matt, Carlyn and their families,
    To know Alan was a pleasure, he truly was a treasure.
    An inspiration for the grand kids,
    May they aspire to his ambitions
    May he rest contented
    Fran and John Wright

  25. Bob and Helen Wood says:

    We first met at Gisborne State School. The following years was a great friendship including High School at Kyneton. Our first cars were FC Holdens with much banter and shared information- I was jealous of his 3 x S.U carbs. His wit will always be with us; a complete and inspiring character who enriched our lives. We will always be grateful for his kind and joyful friendship. Thankyou for being part of our earlier lives in Gisborne.
    Our love and sincere sympathy to Heather and family.
    Bob and Helen Wood

  26. Danae and Angus says:

    Thank you, our gentle giant – highly intelligent, wicked sense of humour, and an all around good guy.
    We are grateful to have had you in our lives and will always remember how special you were to us.
    Love to the family and all who loved Alan.

    With loads of love, Angus and me Uncle Alan, you were one in a million xxx

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21st December 2020 at 2:30 PM

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