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in memory of

Alan James Kidd

Alan James Kidd

17th January 1930 - 13th January 2023

Born a Yorkshireman
60 years a Novocastrian
Died peacefully in Castlemaine on 13th January 2023 aged 92 years.
If there's another world, he lives in bliss;
If there is none, he made the best of this.
Robert Burns
Loved by his children Ian and Alana, companion Margaret,
daughter-in-law Michelle, and grandchildren Samuel and Grace.
Thanks to staff at Arcare for your kindness in his final days.
In accordance with Alan's wishes
a private cremation has been held.


7 responses to “Alan James Kidd”

  1. Ailsa Jones says:

    Uncle Alan moved to Australia before I was born but during some of his visits ‘back home’ (these past years) it has been my pleasure to spend time with him and learn more about the family.
    A lovely man with a mischievous sense of humour.

  2. Karen Stonehouse says:

    Very Happy memories of a lovely Uncle who enjoyed his life to the full.
    With Love to Alana , Ian and family.
    From Gail, Kay and Karen , England .

  3. Andrew Hunt, says:

    Only met him on his trips to the UK, but was a lovely man, with his stories of OZ and his laughter we will remember him fondly.
    Andrew and Beryl, his Nephew and wife.

  4. Howard Barnden says:

    Alan has been a great friend to me, over the many years that I knew him.
    We first met at Wallsend, NSW whilst I was involved in music and bands.
    This started a long lasting and happy friendship, which ( with the aid of a beer/ wine or two???),…we entertained ourselves and, ( hopefully) others as well.
    Alan… I’ll miss you mate…
    Rest in peace my good friend,…
    I’m raising one more glass to great memories and friendship..

  5. Louise Hill says:

    Alan, only those with grit, determination or stubbornness mixed with good DNA and lashings of love and care along the way live to 93 ( I’ll give you 4 days!)
    Your family was a huge part of my formative years growing up in Newcastle. You moved next door in the mid 1970’s where your children became close friends of mine in their respective ways through school and uni days. Still friends with Alana from afar and visited Castlemaine a number of times. Missed the opportunity to see you in your later years but was aware of your wellbeing along the way.
    The world has lost one of its characters I feel. Rest easy old neighbour and father of my friend.

  6. Terrence Harrison says:

    And so, the passing of another link to a Great Era. Many fond memories remain of Allan’s time as Manager at Regent Renovators and Builders Suppliers. Great times, Great days but alas, such times now belong in the distant past … filled with great people who were formed by harder times with World Wars … great Survivors … the people who helped build a Nation.

  7. Judy Coram says:

    I loved my time with Alan in our writing group.
    His stories were always so rich and gritty and we will all miss him.
    R.I.P. …Alan, do continue to write and tell your stories wherever you may be.

Funeral Details

A private cremation has been held.