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in memory of

Broderick Smith

Broderick Smith

17th February 1948 - 30th April 2023


Our father, our friend and a true soul, who gave so much of it to so many.

Immediately missed and never forgotten.

Our hearts, our mate, our father.

Perry, Edith, Ambrose, Joe and Tess.

We love you, goodbye xxx


From a boy on the run

To a man out of time

Now forever eyes in the sky.

We’ll miss you bro,

your spontaneous harmonica breaks,

your obscure phone calls 

and your laugh.

Val & Belinda, Millicent (mum),

Jimmy, Narelle & Darren, Nathan & Kumi and families.



A memorial wake to celebrate Broderick’s life will be held in The Theatre Royal, Hargraves Street, Castlemaine

on Tuesday (16th May) commencing somewhere between 4.00 and 4.30pm. 

A private family funeral service will have taken place for Brod prior to the memorial. 


Funeral Livestream


42 responses to “Broderick Smith”

  1. Maria Derrett says:

    Oh Broderick, I will miss our chats over the years.
    Memories of you visiting the Guildford Hotel we will not forget.
    Rest In Peace dear friend.
    Maria xx

  2. Michael Closter says:

    You brought joy and happiness to us all Brod, through your music from Carson to the Big Combo and then onto your solo and collaboration period.
    Loved all the gigs fortunately you left us with, a treasure trove of music and memories.
    Thanks for the memories.
    R.I.P. mate
    Mick and Bev Closter

  3. Rebecca Tolhurst says:

    Blessing you on your way through <3 When someone is instrumental in creating your lifelong programming, losing them is tough.
    Thank you for helping me become.
    Much love, my lifelong friend.
    See you in the next life.
    – Rebecca Tolhurst

  4. Frank+Honey Vosper says:

    We are still so saddened that Brod has gone.
    His dry sense of humour sometimes made us laugh, sometimes made us cry.
    A unique individual who became part of our family.
    Even cracked the “Bah humbug” and received Christmas cards!
    We could argue and laugh in the same conversation and that’s what we all will treasure.
    Sincere condolences to family and all who knew him.
    Cheers “Snoop”
    Frank, Honey, Rick, Dion Vosper and families.

  5. Steve Crss says:

    A fan long before I came to know you personally Brod, I was always touched with how generous you were with your time, and your easy smile and sense of humour.
    Your humility “I don’t so much play the guitar, as model it” always made me laugh.
    Thanks for all the chats and most importantly thank you for all the music.
    You were and will remain always a legend.
    Safe travels Brod xo
    – Steve Crss

  6. Rebecca Kelly says:

    My dear friend.
    From the moment we met, we were friends.
    How we will miss sitting with you, having a cuppa and a yarn.
    Something as simple and eloquent as your spoken words have now become treasured memories.
    We have nearly 20 years of stories and adventures locked in our hearts.
    Vale to the King.
    Forever loved and eternally missed.
    Till we meet again friend.
    Love Beck, Denis, Audrey and Patrick Kelly xxoo

  7. Lee Morgan says:

    Thank you for the music Brod & thank you for your offer to write together all those years ago.

    You have left a huge legacy & thank you so much. 🙏🏽❤️🌹
    Lee Morgan

  8. Shelley McGrath-Woolley says:

    Thank you Uncle Brod…for being a great friend…its been an absolute pleasure to know you.
    I will miss you you so much…As many will.
    Shelley McGrath-Woolley 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  9. Kevin 'Mincer' Moylan - Author ONE FLEW OVER the KOOKABURRA'S NEST says:

    Dear Broderick and family.
    We first met at PROSPECT HILL HOTEL, KEW, when I moved from Shepparton aged 18, in 1977. I was hooked straight away.
    I loved your calming persona, gentle voice and respecting your loyal fans.
    Thanks for the memories and great times. I have been playing your music all week, from CARSON Boogie, SUNBURY 73, Ocean Deep and COMBO’S ‘Into the Mystic’.
    “Time and tide won’t let a sailor sleep, as the tide goes out one last time – May your soul and spirit fly – into the mystic.”
    Rest In Peace…
    Kevin “Mincer” Moylan

  10. Henry Laskowski says:

    Dear Broderick,
    Oh how I miss and long for those early years in 1967 and 1968 when I was studying and you were from St Albans starting with Adderly Smith Blues Band.
    I followed you every Friday night in Carlton at the Queensberry Hotel where you packed them in with your incredible voice and harmonica and sometimes drove you around from my mum’s place for a sleepover and breakfast in Maribyrnong and to band practice in somebody’s garage next day.
    Our careers then diverged and over the years we crossed paths several times in Essendon and gigs around Melbourne.
    The pride you had in your son and your humbleness was unique and special.
    R.I.P. Brod.
    You are a superstar amongst the stars above now where I hope we will meet again.
    – Henry Laskowski

  11. Steve Anthony says:

    Goodbye Brod, it was a pleasure to have worked for you, you blew U2 off-stage at the Sydney entertainment centre, Must’ve been 84.
    I’ll never forget their guitar tech, he was standing with his mouth open while you sung Lea. Ahhhhhhh … the memories of a good tour are forever.
    Walking around that gig in Bendigo singing arcopella, had to turn the PA off.
    On behalf of the three of us who worked on that tour, thanks mate. You’re already missed dearly by all.
    Our thoughts are with your family and friends, they are going to miss you so much.
    With Total Respect from
    Peter Lothian
    Bruce Penberthy
    Steve Anthony.

  12. Gaz and Helen says:

    Condolences to the family.
    Very sad to hear this news.
    Been fans of Brod for over 50 years.
    His music lives on in our house.
    A true artist.
    – Gaz & Helen

  13. Joy Lea says:

    What a gifted, deep human being who gave so much to the music scene in Australia.
    Wonderful passionate expressive singer and very funny, witty man.
    How thrilled was I to get a letter and Christmas card and letter from you.
    Following your career from seeing you live in Fitzroy to the Oakleigh Club. Painting to your music. You along with Bob Dylan and Van the man and Bach.
    Sweet soulful enriching person.
    Thankyou … Joy Lea.

  14. Jonas Black says:

    They don’t make em like Broderick anymore.
    The man could musically work a room!!
    So happy I got to see it.
    – Jonas Black

  15. Tone says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Broderick a few years ago through a good friend of his and received a master class in song writing, singing and music generally.
    A truly humble and talented man who had a good heart and a fine mind.
    Sadly missed.
    – Tone

  16. Mary Liston says:

    An important part of my growing up and live music.
    I followed you everywhere right into my 60s.
    Your music made my heart sing.
    Mary Liston

  17. Rene Briggs says:

    Fare thee well Broderick.
    A true gentleman & dear friend to Peter & Rene Briggs.
    Beautiful memories is what you have left behind for us.
    Fly High…
    Peter & Rene

  18. Robert Foster says:

    Oh my… what an influence on my musical sensibility growing up & as an adult.
    He & Matt T were the Aust harmonica players to make me want to play the harp.
    I was too young to attend the early 70s gigs, but my elder brother David had the records. I finally saw Brod in Big combo several times courtesy of dear friend Oysters Kilpatrick & Steve Anthony who were in their crew. Cookin! Loved the music with Matt Walker.
    Was ecstatic when dingoes reformed circa 15years ago. Saw em at P.O.Wales in STK .. all, partic Brod, still had it.
    I’m shedding tears listening to you singing right now …Go go go Broderick !!
    Much love, Robert Foster

  19. Ross Cockle says:

    A wonderful person and performer, with a voice for the ages.
    I had the good fortune of working with him on many and varied recordings. He has left us some fine recordings with bands and solo.
    Out of many stand out songs and performances, this is one is a time traveller. if the link doesn’t work search out Brod’s Oceans Deep…..great man.
    – Ross Cockie

  20. mark Cornell says:

    Dear Brod,
    The Dingoes were the first band I ever saw live.
    I was only 13 and was taken away by the power of the band and your voice. I was given The Dingoes album for my 14th, which I took around everywhere to share with my mates. It was wonderful hearing music from an Australian perspective.
    In the following few years, I barracked for you as you tried to conquer the US market. As an old codger I went to The Dingoes reunion concert at the Corner Hotel with a couple of mates. Once more you were brilliant as we danced, drank beer and sang along to your tunes.
    Brod you are such a treasure, with your songs straight from the heart and haunting harmonica.
    Long may you run through fields and grass of heaven.
    Love Mark Cornell

  21. Mick Gunn says:

    From 1971 New Years Eve at “Mother Earth” concert with Carson County at Warracknabeal to all 4 Sunbury’s with Carson and Digoes and then Big Combo at Bombay Rock to Brod Smith Band at Balmoral Hotel. Then Dingoes reunion tour at Bluesfest Byron Bay. I last watched you in this very theatre with Backsliders a few years ago! As I write this tribute am listening to “My Shiralee” loud. Just the best vocalist/harp player Aussie rock ever saw! My condolences to Brod’s family and friends!
    – Mick Gunn

  22. Randy Bulpin says:

    Oh Brod, I was saddened to hear you moved on.
    It’s been sometime that our paths crossed, we recorded and wrote some meaningful tunes.
    I had a great time playing with you, many memorable moments and stories that have remained with me.
    My condolences to family and friends, I hope our paths cross again, wherever that may be!
    Much love all around.
    – Randy Bulpin

  23. Jan Bishop says:

    Remember back in 1967, Blues On Stage, sunday mornings at Yarra Bank listening to the spruikers, was my first crush.
    Love you xx
    Jan Bishop

  24. Matt Walker says:

    The minstrel has passed.
    And we must let him go.
    Into that good night.
    Somehow we must let him go.

    Broderick is a huge figure in my life.
    He helped shape my world.

    As a teenager, music was more than just an interest to me. I willingly surrendered to it. And in turn my guitar became my compass and it led me to Brod.
    Even before I’d spoken a word to him, it dawned on me, that he was the songwriter I wished to be. To harness all the truth of beauty’s light and then release it in a song.

    I was about 21 yrs old when I began working with Brod in the early 90’s. He listened to my cassette and one day the phone rang and he was on the line. We wrote our first song, Perfect World. The first of many.

    Then he took me on the road and we toured all over the country. Although I already thought I was a man, I was really just a kid and everything was new to me.

    I took it all in and I believed in him.

    After countless gigs and a bunch of albums I began to drift off on my own path, as he knew I would. But Brod was still there for me.
    He was always there, and we often spoke.

    As many others did, I received regular calls, dialed in from ‘Brod’s ‘irregular’ universe  Always challenging the ways of the world from his mythical stance, and often against the tide, he would fashion his perspective without compromise, or decaf.
    And he was always working on his songs. Always.

    Through the years we continued to write songs together and when our schedules allowed,  we would re-group and tend to our precious plot.

    We worked closely on his last two albums Unknown Country and  Man Out Of Time, and I have special memories of when he would spend time in Upwey where I had a recording studio out the back of my family home. He’d always arrive with a car full of musical artifacts. Vintage guitars, rare amplifiers, and often a special book for someone he knew would really appreciate it.
    In between recording takes we’d all be laughing with Brod as he’d riff on the seemingly endless chapters of his life and his rebelious observations.
    But when the dust settled it was always the power and beauty of his lyrics that just floored me. The jokes just iced the cake.
    When I attempt to define our relationship. What he is to me, and I to him. How we were so curiously entwined. It is difficult for me to understand. The answer is beyond me.
    And then I put away my microscope. Because I already know the answer.
    It was simply love.
    Of course.

    So I will let you go Brod.
    To find that intangable harp tone you were chasing when you were earthbound.
    To play it strong and sweet like you do.
    To bend those high reeds so lyrically like no one else can.
    Let them swoop down to me.
    I’ll be listening.
    We’ll all be listening.

    Your friend

    Matt Walker

  25. Stefan Nechwatal says:

    Amongst my Kew/Hawthorn mates, you were Broddie to us and followed your extreme talents beginning with Q Club, Prospect Hill Hotel, the various Melbourne and metrop discos and pubs, Sunbury and Mulwala. Bumped into you sometimes around the traps in years since and at Castlemaine and never quite knew what to say as you could be a bit grouchy with fans remembering the past…….but watched your interview at your 70 years at the Guildford Pub, the other night and you wanted to be remembered as,” not a bad bloke, a bit of a smartarse…..and they can put that on your gravestone in Latin!”
    – Stefan Nechwatal

  26. Sam Crassweller says:

    Thank you for blessing our lives with your talent, wit, quirkiness and passion for knowledge.
    Thank you for being my friend and supporter and a huge thank you from Dad for the friendship you both shared.
    Condolences to family and close friends of Brodie.
    His legacy shall live on.
    Much love to you Brodie, our harp in the sky.
    – Sam Crassweller

  27. Howard & Lil Freeman says:

    Thanks you for the opportunity to work with you.
    To be your friend, confidant your mate.
    I worked with some great and blessed vocalists over the 60 year industry journey, you were right up there with any of them.
    Thank you for you heart and soul.
    Rest easy.
    – Howard & Lil Freeman

  28. Richard Morcom says:

    Hearing music through a 5,000 watt PA was my introduction to the fantastic music scene of Melbourne. The Catcher was the venue when I first heard Brod playing harmonica a sound so raw n out by itself spine tingling with his remarkable voice. A tragic blues boy went and got into John Mayalls Blues Breakers.
    Brods entire career I’ve held close to my heart as music invades souls nurturing and nourishing us from the rat race madness. 
    R.I.P. Broderick Smith ❣️
    My sincere sympathies go out to his family, loved ones and friends.❣️
    – Richard Morcom

  29. Darren Backx says:

    Broderick’s gone now.
    He’s headed WAY OUT WEST just like A BOY ON THE RUN. Walking with a SUITCASE in his FATHERS HANDS and yes like us all, he was so LUCKY TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN. Beware of THE DINGOES as you follow that SNOWBLIND MOON but have no fear because FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD & it’s all SMOOTH SAILIN’ from here & do not worry, it will soon be CHRISTMAS IN MELBOURNE.
    So keep on searchin’ for that RUBY IN THE SNOW & no doubt you will catch up with Andy in the 1157 Bar in the OCEAN DEEP …….
    Thanks for the brilliant songs, the great voice, the incredibly good music & the everlasting memories.
    Farewell Broderick, your Roses will never Fade.
    – Darren

  30. Mick Nougher says:

    Love and respect for sharing your music, stories and humour with me for over 50 years.
    So many shows, so many venues, so many great muso’s I’ve met because of you.
    Thanks for the joy you have given and backgrounded so much of my life.
    Travel sweetly Brod…(and cheers to you Randy Bulpin).
    – Mick Nougher

  31. Mark Farrelly says:

    Hey Brod, it was a joy to watch you perform and listen to your songs for decades from Carson, through The Dingoes, Big Combo and beyond.
    But it was even greater to get to know you when you joined our Copyschool course in 1985. Your ad ideas and concepts were always “out there” and you brought so much joy to the class.
    We all miss you but know your songs will live on forever.
    Gone but never forgotten – Love from the Melbourne Copyschool Class of 85!

  32. Kevin 'Mincer' Moylan says:

    Dear Broderick Smith family, friends and musicians.
    Thanks so much for a wonderful memorial wake and honouring a true icon of Australian music and songwriting. After four-hours and the greatest ‘bbbooogie’ I was pleasured to be a faraway part of. The whole production, sound and organisation was brilliant and flashback memories galore.
    Special mention to son Ambrose; keep going son, you blew me away and I ran out of volume, and FOUR XXXX cans (Castlemaine Brewery, 1974?).
    Best funeral/memorial and celebration I have ever witnessed and felt a part of.
    Bless you all for your efforts.
    Dear Broderick – May your soul and spirit fly ‘Into the Mystic’. (playing it now, again)
    Kev Moylan – Groupie since 1977. Hervey Bay QUEENSLAND

  33. Megan Durant says:

    Broderick… took my brother Andy’s song Ocean Deep, and made it your own.
    It was the most beautiful and moving tribute to Andy’s song writing at his Memorial Concert and was finished when he was facing his own death.
    Your version remains the most treasured memory for all his family.
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    – Megan Durant

  34. Jules Butterworth says:

    I feel so blessed l got to see so many of Brod’s recent performances but by far the most intimate was in The Bunker of Alliance Francaise in StKilda with Richard Tankard..
    So special l felt l observed the Lyrics and they became so visual..What an art form your songwriting was from another place but as you said Why Not Australia…
    One of our best!!
    Still playing my treasures, a grand legacy for all…
    My heartfelt Condolences to Broderick’s family and Gratitude for the added Livestream…Amazing performance and epic sound from the crew…🙌🙏🏼🫶
    Jules Butterworth

  35. Patrick Fairchild says:

    I still don’t believe you’re gone Brod, a guy who was instrumental literally in shaping Oz Rock in the 70’s and formed so many great bands and produced solo excellence.

    To meet in St Kilda on the release of your album and Book Man Out Of Time with James Anfuso was unforgettable.
    Boogie with the Cans at Sunbury 🎸🎸🎸😎🇦🇺💐
    Patrick Fairchild

  36. John Crawley says:

    I bummed a smoke off this guy on stage at the Dandenong town hall Saturday night dance called “Impact”! It would have been in 1969 or so. Back then a rather brash thing to say was “do your smokes come in one a pack”? Never expecting that the guy on stage would come over to me a then 16 year old smart mouthed kid to offer me a unfiltered camel from a soft packeted cigarette! To my mind this guy… was a “real individual” human and ahead of the world at large.
    His music, his demeanour, his centred approach cemented in that first encounter and since then have followed his story with unwavering regard for the entire 50 plus years. I cannot claim anymore than a chance meeting yet at that moment was struck by the kindness an generous nature … not just by lightning a cigarette but the light from that toked smoke reflected the “essence “ of a man to be admired and revered.
    His passing is extremely sad as in life he gave so much and our world is so much the poorer without him!
    John Crawley

  37. Val and Bel says:

    This is a tribute, not only to Brod for his amazing legacy but also to the incredible people who helped to make his memorial so wonderful. Thank you to all the musos who travelled from all over the country to pay respects in the way they know best. Thank you to Mount Alexander Funerals, the Theatre Royal and to the great people of Castlemaine for helping remember my brother on a day and night filled with warmth and love. I know Brod would not have wanted a fuss but would always enjoy a night of great music, family and friends. He would have been so proud of his children, Perry, Edith and Ambrose.

    It moved us to read the tribute from Megan Durant about how much Brod’s performance of Ocean Deep means to Andy’s family in his memory. Nothing could have made Brod happier than to be a part of bringing peace to the family of a talented musician taken way too soon.

    In one of his songs Brod sings “I’m gonna steal the sky … brighten all the stars, put a grin on the moon”. Of course you will. We will miss you forever but always remember to keep searching for peace (and brown rice).

    – Val and Belinda Smith

  38. The Team says:

    With sadness, we acknowledge the loss of Broderick Smith: vocal chameleon, accomplished actor on stage and screen, evocative songwriter and author, consummate artist and performer — a true original and an Australian national treasure.
    The world is less rich without his talent and humility, yet we should all be thankful for the incredible body of work he’s left for us and future generations.
    Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
    ~The team

  39. David Mennie says:

    Deepest sympathies to the family of this truly wonderful musician and songwriter.
    Whenever I felt turmoil in my own life there was always a Broderick Smith song to turn to, making life simple again.
    As Mal Eastick once said of Andy : His music lives on.
    May he be remembered.’
    – David Mennie

  40. Mary & Garth Porter says:

    We lived in tandem in US and particularly Marin County, California.
    Sherbet and Dingoes.
    Who would have thought… we laughed and loved together.
    Fab times.
    We last saw Broderick in Tamworth. Mary will never forget his last words to her. Very special.
    Much love to those left behind. Forever in our memories,
    Mary & Garth Porter x

  41. Anonymous says:

    Well Brod,
    We’re buggered now…No more singing along with Tomorrow Wendy…And as for asking you everytime we saw you about the whereabouts of Wally Mellish (Where’s Wally”)…. Buggered again…..To your family, your friends and fans… As we get older…Never trust a fart…Thanks for the wonderful journey..
    Happy Trails Brod…
    Love Steve and Sarah Ramsay XX

  42. Joe P says:

    To a wonderful man both in body and soul, Broderick a beautiful man who treated all with respect and dignity even those who made bad judgment and mistakes in life.
    You devoted time so much to those that needed support and encouragement even when your health was often a challenge nevertheless you were there every fortnight with your music workshops (even jamming with us, what a buzz).
    It was a privilege to have had a number of memorable moments including the numerous stories of life experiences and the importance of family.
    Lucky to be an Australian & Lucky to have been with the legendary BRODERICK SMITH🤟
    With respect & admiration ….Joe (Loddon)

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