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in memory of

Colin Turton

Colin Turton

30th May 1946 - 16th July 2023


Colin passed peacefully at Castlemaine Hospital 16/7/2023 aged 78.

Reunited with Ruby.


As per Colin’s wishes a private cremation has been held.


7 responses to “Colin Turton”

  1. Faye Hards says:

    What a very clever man Colin was and he will get remembered for all the work he used to do at hot and Crusty for Jack any time of the day or night.
    – Faye and Jack Hards

  2. Lucy says:

    Colin was a dear friend to me and my family, Maurie, Declan and Fionn.

    Beyond his sometimes gruff exterior he had a heart of gold that he shared regularly. He was very generous with his time, his vast knowledge and ideas. We loved a good argument and often did not find agreement on things we argued about, but when it came to matters of the heart, Colin was not afraid to go there, he held tears that I shared with tenderness, he offered practical support when he could and I will miss him … I already missed him, this last while.

    I like to think our relationship was reciprocal and that I provided some companionship this last years since Ruby died, and through the difficult years of Ruby’s illness.

    Colin was a man of integrity, and complexity, gentleness and fire. There was so much I didn’t know of his life, the pieces of his story that other people hold, my little piece was precious and is highly valued.

    I loved not only our regular coffees, but trips to his shed, marvelling at his capacity to fix anything, to make stuff, to problem solve, his care for the birds around his house, his deep connection to Dino, Mooney(s) and Roberta, our chainsawing and splitting expeditions together, walks, the books we shared and just sharing life, in all its ups and downs.

    Our family hold some precious momentos, the amazing trumpet mouth piece pulling device he made for my son Fionn, the flanelette shirt he gave my other son whilst hat baling, and a few other useful and treasured things… oh and of course eggs, milk, seeds, knowledge, the list goes on…

    To my eye, his life was a rich one, he loved deeply, contributed much and was completely imperfect.
    I am so glad to have known Mr Colin Turton.
    – Lucy

  3. Cath South says:

    There was a time Colin was a regular part of my week, but recently I lost touch.
    I will never forget Colin’s care and love for Ruby towards the end of her life.
    He was a knowledgeable, capable, curious and generous person, with a spectacular twinkle in his eye.
    Thanks for touching our lives Colin.
    – Cath South

  4. Marilyn Bennet says:

    We are so very pleased to have known Colin for quite a few years and we know how much he will be missed by his friends and family.
    To Lynn and John, we know he appreciated all that you did for him over this very difficult time – he really did appreciate it.
    Love Mazza and Ian

  5. Tessa Sellar says:

    Col only came into Oli’s and my life in the last 6 years and while it may have been a short period for him, he had a life long impact on the two of us.
    When buying my first cow Roberta (Berta) from Colin to start my dairy, I had no idea what a deal I had got. It felt like a handing over of the baton in a way and Col managed that succession beautifully. Never being afraid to tell us what we’d done wrong, offering wise words of advice, providing equipment and maintenance, his big heart always open with support and inspiration, and always with a cheeky twinkle in his eyes.
    We’ve both looked up to Colin with great esteem for the quality of his work, knowledge and how he lived his life.
    We often reflected that in many places and times gone by young people would have been lining up to learn from him, although he was probably quite glad they weren’t.
    Our time knowing Col may have been small, but the space he filled in our life was anything but.
    – Tessa

  6. Shanae Finning says:

    Rest peacefully Col.
    Always in our hearts.
    Our love from the Finning family xx

  7. Kate McGann says:

    I move through my daily life thinking of Colin Turton at many a turn.
    A certain era of white ute goes past and I’m looking for the silhouette of Colin’s well groomed head and Dino’s perky ears. I see a poorly cleaned milk bottle and I’m thinking of what Colin and Ruby’s advice would be. I notice a neatly stacked wood pile – Colin would approve. I walk around my garden and see the nesting box he made for visiting rosellas. The prop he made for the overladen branches of my little lemon tree. I use the bottle carrier he made for my twice weekly pick up when he was such a part of my weekly rhythm. I spend a lot of time in South Gippsland, near Foster (where Colin grew up).
    I think of the love we shared for the view of The Prom from that aspect …
    I never found the perfect photo for your wall, old friend – but I was forever looking. I miss you.
    Thank you for your generous friendship.
    My family and I treasure our memories of you.
    – Kate

Funeral Details

A private cremation has been held