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in memory of

Dorothy May Gray (Maggs / Carter)

Dorothy May Gray (Maggs / Carter)

10th April 1935 - 7th March 2024


Dorothy passed away peacefully in Ellery House Aged Care Castlemaine, aged 88 years.

Dearly loved mother to Kaye, Eric, David (dec), Ken, Lynette, Stuart, Pam, Wayne, Allannah and Jason.
Cherished Nana to 31 grandchildren, 33 great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren.

Words are few, thoughts are deep,

memories of you we will always keep.

Forever in our hearts - RIP.


Family and friends are invited to attend Dorothy's funeral service 

to be held in the Chapel of Mount Alexander Funerals, 12 Campbell Street, Castlemaine on Monday 18th March commencing at 1.30pm.

Following this service the cortege will leave for the Maldon Cemetery.


If you wish to join us at the service via livestream
please return to the home page of this website and click on the livestream button.
The service will be live approximately 5 -10 minutes prior to commencing.



Funeral Livestream


15 responses to “Dorothy May Gray (Maggs / Carter)”

  1. Wayne says:

    Dearest Mum, you are wonderfully at peace now, and probably enjoying a ray of bliss and relaxation from this earthly realm.
    Much Love and Light from your loving son Wayne, and meow from Mr Pussinz.

  2. Amanda Turner says:

    To Kaye and all of Dorothy’s family, please accept my condolences for the passing of your beloved Mum.
    We will miss Dot so much when we visit Ellery, she was a beautiful lady, always so happy to see us. She was a kindred spirit with her great love for animals and I just loved seeing her. Kaye, I truly thank you for the privilege of knowing your Mum and being able to say goodbye to her.
    With love from Amanda, Amy and Tansy. xxx

  3. Love you always mum, Kaye says:

    Mum words are hard to find, my heart is broken, I had 71yrs with you in my life, my memories I will cherish from this day forward, you will always be in my ❤️
    Love you always mum, Kaye.

  4. Eric says:

    Our dearest Mother your spirit is now free to soar. You will no longer feel pain but we now feel the pain of missing you. We will follow you with our love for you.
    Sadly missing you but loving you.
    Rick, Maria and your beautiful granddaughters, Emma and Abbe.

  5. Kathy Layfield says:

    To Kaye and families, l am so grateful to have been able to see her and to know that she had another wonderful family.
    Rest in peace.
    Love ❤️ Kathy and Lionel

  6. Maree says:

    Rest in peace Auntie Dot. I will always remember your kindness and generosity when I was a child.
    Sending my deepest sympathy to all your family.
    Love, Maree ❤️🌹

  7. Bradley says:

    My dearest Nanna Dot, you were one of the most wonderful lady’s I ever knew and now that I know that you’re gone I’ll always remember you and I’ll never forget you.
    R.I.P Nanna Dot, fly high lovely Nanna Dot ⚰️🕊🤧❤️ from your dearest great great grandson Bradley Bullock

  8. Andrew your Grandson says:

    Farewell Nana, you were no doubt a unique person. You had a sense of humour that was your own, and you were undoubtedly your own person. You had fun in your own way and always welcomed everyone. I can not remember a time that you were not happy to see me, your eyes and your face would always light up when you saw me, from my earliest memories up until the last time I saw you. You always loved seeing the kids and it didn’t matter who and how many of them were around, you were always comfortable and adoring of them. It was a privilege to be your first grand child. Stay in peace.
    Love Andrew

  9. Hayley says:

    ……………..I miss you.

    I am deeply saddened that you are gone from this earth. I think about it every day.
    There is a void somewhere in my heart, but I will work on keeping the warm and beautiful memory of you in its place by sharing the memory of you with my children.

    I do wish things were different, that my children got to grow up alongside you, as i know you would have a special presense in their life as they grow, to experience the warmth and love that you would bring to them, to have another day to reminisce, talking about anything and everything. You always filled my inquisitive mind with hours of endless chatter while snuggling up on the couch watching M.A.S.H or blue heelers and the like. Damn, we would even still be talking when we went to sleep, we never shut up haha. I remember never wanting to do anything else. I could have gladly stayed at your place forever. Who doesn’t wanna live with their nanna forever?
    Most of all, you loved me. I needed that.

    You were a beautiful woman, but an even more wonderful nanna. There just isnt anyone else quite like you.
    Your heart was very big and you managed to love us all, in the best way you could. We all felt your love. There just isn’t enough time or words to express the love that surrounded you by us all, so I will leave it at that.
    We all love you so so much.

    I love you nanna, forever.

  10. Kenny Maggs says:

    The day you left the sun was shining
    And the was to be no rain
    As you took one last journey
    to leave us once again
    But that does not matter
    as you are now at peace
    and you’ll feel no pain again

  11. Allannah says:

    My dearest and most wonderous mummy. Thank you for being my mum and loving us the best way you knew possible. I’ll miss you dearly and a part of me has gone with you…. I promise to never cut my long hair, that is my last promise to you mummy.
    Fly high with the angels mumma and say hi to dad and uncles for me. I’ll forever love you to Heaven and back again…
    Love your daughter, Allannah… 😇❤️🥰

  12. Pam VanDerKolk says:

    Will miss you dearly mum, hard to believe your gone in body but I’ll have you in my heart and memories forever.
    Love you always Pam xxx

  13. Zain says:

    Nanna, I’ve always found it hard to express how I feel. I’ll always remember you use to sing “Little Prince without a crown” 🤴 to me as a kid, it made me feel special…
    I just want you to know that you’ll always be in my heart and I’ll forever carry your memory around on my future adventures wherever they may take me and one day that yellow brick road will lead me straight to back to you, Nanna….
    I love you,
    Your youngest grandson, Zain. 💛

  14. Lauren says:

    My most favourite memory with you nan is sleepovers at your house and an hour before bedtime I’d bat my blue eyes and beg to watch The Wizard of Oz. You always said yes and would watch it with me then.. without fail we would watch the entire movie and sing along together.
    You are a shining star and I will forever cherish this memory xx

  15. Kristy says:

    It’s not goodbye, I’ll see you again
    As you were singing in your final months
    “Well meet again, don’t know where don’t know when” 🎼
    I have so many beautiful memories of you, every time I saw you I remember your eyes light up and you would have the biggest smile.
    Your love for animals and your infectious laughter I will cherish, I’m sure you passed a bit of that on to me.
    Thank you for being my nana and for loving me in your very own special ways.
    The day I said goodbye to you was beautiful, special and heartbreaking and full of laughter,
    With a hug, 3 kisses and a lot of laughter your last words “I love you”.
    As I turned back to say goodbye, your eyes sparked with happiness and you were laughing and waving, that’s how I remember you, full of love and life.
    Love you always & forever nana.

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Chapel of Mount Alexander Funerals
12 Campbell Street

18th March 2024 at 1:30 PM

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