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Lachlan Murray


Eternal promises are that

I watch over someone
To make sure someone isn’t hurt
To make the world kind
To make sure everyone is helpful
To make sure everyone is loved
To make sure the world’s a better place
These are the eternal promises
By Lachlan Murray 2018
A funeral service was held for Lachlan on Monday 7th December at the Castlemaine Church of Christ.

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34 responses to “Lachlan Murray”

  1. Lizzi Rule says:

    Dear Lachlan
    We met when you first came into Maryanne’s life. Boy did you strike gold. We sat eating a little roast dinner prepared by Maryanne and you reminded me of a frail but feisty little mouse. From that time on we have had only a few encounters, some in the studio, Maryanne and yourself visited the coast where I first realised your love of water .. no matter how cold or wavy.. you loved the adventure playground in St Kilda and oh so sadly I was due for a visit to your new country home when Covid hit us. I am so sorry dear Lachlan ..I will miss you.. Maryanne when the time is right please take some special time out down the coast with friends, family or just by yourself. This is a total tragedy.. Please accept my deepest condolences .. Lachy you have left a great hole on this planet and in our hearts.

    – Lizzi Rule

  2. Samantha SHELLARD says:

    Dearest Maryanne, our thoughts and prayers are for you.
    Sam & Moe

  3. Natalie Taylor says:

    Dearest Maryanne, so sad to hear about Lachlan, it’s such a big hole in your heart, honour him and remember the lovely young man who brought so much joy. My deepest condolences.

    – Natalie Taylor

  4. Margaret Marr says:

    My dear Maryanne, our prayers, love and thoughts have been with you over the last few days.
    My dear Maryanne, it is impossible to know how sad you must feel, just know that our loving feelings are with you and also with the family. We had only met Lachlan a couple of times, but liked him very much.
    You have been a wonderful Mother to him, and shared so many lovely times and activities with him.
    May the prayers and love of family and friends help you during this extremely sad time.
    Mickey and Brian.

  5. Rhyon Family says:

    Dear Maryanne
    We share your loss and grief … some life journeys are all too brief. Treasure the happy memories – the smiles and laughter.
    We honor you for taking Lachlan under your care and being your best for him.
    Lachlan we offer you our love and blessings and ask God to hold you in his Divine Love.

    – Rhyon Family

  6. Warren Howden says:

    Our school architect was adamant all new surfaces could withstand heavy use by children. He didn’t count on Lachlan’s extraordinary commitment to play with friends, and play hard, chasing the ball down at all costs. Lachlan was a boy capable of making a man sized hole in the wall!

    At his graduation concert, Lachlan volunteered to lead the call and response singing in his class’s final performance. He was in his element, and stole the show. Playing his banjo, singing and reciting poetry, Lachlan was so proud of what he achieved by the end of primary school.

    I have never been more proud of a student.
    I will miss him.

    – Warren Howden

  7. Alison Reiher says:

    I will remember Lachie as a sensitive, intelligent, and caring young person. He had a friendly manner and a quirky sense of humour. He was willing to give everything a go from cross-country to public speaking, art and cooking. Most often he was in the centre of any activity with his friends. To Maryanne, we are with you, sending our love to you.

    – Alison Reiher

  8. Jane Marr says:

    Dear Maryanne
    My heart aches for you and your tragic loss. Wishing you strength, wisdom and courage at this time and going forward. Sadly never met Lachlan, but always enjoyed the posts of your adventures and times together on Facebook. Love and best wishes from your cousin Jane 🙏🏼💙🌀

  9. Crystal Taylor says:

    My son, I carried you for nine months so that Maryanne could love you the way you deserved. There was not one minute of one day from the moment I learned of your existence that I didn’t love you and try my best, and while my best wasn’t nearly good enough, Maryanne’s heart was big enough to love us all. Your sisters will miss you, they thought you hung the moon!! My heart goes out to you Maryanne. Thank you for loving our boy endlessly and weathering a storm I couldn’t, he was a marvel. Creative, kind, smart, loving, brave, strong and wonderful. We love you both.

    – Crystal Taylor

  10. Ryan Taylor says:

    To Maryanne,
    From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I thank you so much, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for you and words cannot express my grief for you. Do not ever take this as a failure on your part.

    For myself, for our family. This loss has left a Lachlan sized hole that can never be filled.

    I was there from the beginning Lachy, I loved you as much as any uncle could love a nephew. Things transpired and I couldn’t be there with you as much as I wished I could, and when you had to go into Maryanne’s care, though I was upset, I understood. It was the best thing for you.

    I never stopped loving you, and I never will. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Im glad I got to see you at the wedding.
    You got so big and so handsome. From reading all the testimonies it sounds like you were someone we could all be proud of, but I was proud of you from the beginning.

    You were in pain and the pain is done now.
    I love you forever, my little man, my nephew. May your soul rest, may your pain dissolve and may your peace be eternal. Gone, but never forgotten.
    Love Uncle Ryan.

  11. Chelsie Dolfin says:

    Dear Lachy
    Circumstance didn’t allow us to meet many times. But from the small handful of times I could tell you where a very special and very intelligent person with a wonderful humor and kindness in your soul. I am sorry that life seemed too hard for you to not want to stay. I want you to know that although we did not know each other well, I feel like I knew you more through your Mother Crystal’s eyes. She is very proud of you and often shared your achievements great and small proudly, and funny quotes and stories.
    You have left us now and we hope you have found peace where you are.
    To your Mum’s Maryanne and Crystal, and Micheal, Hazel and Maggie, I send blessings and wishes for healing and love to you all.
    Lachy’s unique light will continue to shine through with all who remember him and speak his name.
    Love from Aunty Chelsie and family in QLD.

  12. Melissa says:

    Dearest Crystal and Maryanne,
    No mother should outlive their child.
    Our hearts are breaking for you both and all that knew and loved Lachlan.
    Melissa, Damon, Amelia and Charlie.

  13. Melinda Phillips says:

    Dear Maryanne,

    Passing on my deepest sympathies, please take care, thinking of you.

    – Melinda Phillips

  14. Stacey Crockford says:

    Our Dear Lachy,
    You were loved beyond words. So many people are blessed to have known you. I met you as a tiny baby and loved you just as much as I love your mum. A bright-eyed and happy boy, you were a joy to visit and cuddle. I’ll never forget you xoxo
    To his brave mumma, I love you and am holding you in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Take comfort knowing that Lachy is at peace and that one day you’ll be reunited with your beautiful boy again.

    – Stacey Crockford

  15. Helen Henderson says:

    Our deepest sympathy to all Lachlan’s family and friends.

    – Helen & Robert Henderson.

  16. Casey says:

    Watch over us now Lachy in your eternal promise. There will be pain, and there will be sorrow as you have left us too soon. But we will remember most of all, love. Rest easy my beautiful nephew

    – Casey x

  17. Dianne says:

    Dearest Maryanne, both Rebecca and my thoughts are with you and our heart goes out to you. Sorry we can’t be there for you and with the family tomorrow. 🌻
    – Dianne and Rebecca

  18. Maree and David says:

    Dearest Lachlan
    You came into our lives at the age if 5. A quirky, smart, funny young boy. You lived with us for a couple of months and continued to visit us on weekends. We loved your visits, we did so much with you. Your favourite things to do with me was cooking and playing games particularly the Wii or playstation. With Dave you loved woodwork and treasure hunts. Remember your pirate party with a treasure hunt. You and your friends had so much fun. You built some many different things that we still have and a beautiful memories of your creativity. I think your favourite build was my herb Garden. You loved to play games with Charlie as he loved to play with you. Charlie was always so excited to see you when you arrived.
    Lachlan even though we haven’t seen you for awhile you where and are always in our conversations and always and will continue to be in our thoughts. There is so many fun memories we have of you which we are so lucky to have. You bought so much Joy to us and others. Dave and I are so blessed we have been able to be part of your short journey in life and Lachlan we are sadden and broken that your life has been cut so short. Please know we always loved you and you our dear Buddy, will always have a special place in our hearts.
    Fly high with the angels dear Lachlan
    Dave and Maree 💔💔💔

  19. Maree and David says:

    Dear Maryanne,
    We cannot imagine how broken you must be feeling. You took in a beautiful young boy and helped him to grow in so many ways. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this really difficult time. Love Maree and David.

  20. Wallis family says:

    Dear Maryanne, I remember meeting Lachlan at school at the end of year 7.
    I can still see his beautiful smiling face.
    Sending love and strength at this tragic time.
    Our thoughts are with you.
    – Wallis family

  21. Stuart says:

    Dear Lachlan, you were only a boy, but what bright flashes of manhood you showed.
    It hurt to look at sometimes, like trying to see the sun.
    But in your company, all were warm, all grown a little by your light.
    – Stuart

  22. Amanda, Jazz and Athena XX says:

    Dear Maryanne and Crystal,

    I cant even imagine the pain you both must be going through, sending strength to you both to help you get through these sad times, thinking of you both sending virtual hugs to you both.
    In gods care now you grew your wings but a little too early
    R.I.P. Lachlan

    – Amanda, Jazz and Athena xx

  23. Claire Doyle says:

    Lachlan you beautiful, beautiful boy. How could I ever forget about this gorgeous kid who would insist on getting Kombucha and a chocolate bar before having an epic silly string battle with me in Edinburgh Gardens? Your laugh was infectious- how we laughed as we destroyed each other with string (you absolutely slayed me by the way). I remember how prepared a brunch for me, serving kombucha in Prosecco glasses, fresh sour dough and special Lachlan guacamole that you so carefully and creatively spun into a delicious treat that you were ‘So proud of’. I won’t share the secret ingredient! You coached me in the art of nerf guns and were kind when I lost every single game of bey blades. It was so obvious how much you adored Maryanne and how much she adored you.
    Maryanne and Crystal, I am so so sorry.
    Lachlan you were a treasure to behold and I’ll always, always hold you in my heart.
    – Claire Doyle

  24. Anne Wilkins says:

    Lachie, it was a pleasure to watch some of your growing up and the special bond that you and Maryanne had, and we were proud of you. It was lovely to see pictures of your bush walks, icey swims and cooking endeavours, etc. in your new country home along with the exciting recent arrival of Shadow – all this we will remember fondly.
    Travel safely young man.
    Maryanne, you beautiful woman and mother, we are so sorry for the loss of precious Lachie.
    Sending you heartfelt love and light.
    – Anne Wilkins

  25. Cathi says:

    Lachlan, it was pleasure to know you.
    Maryanne, I am so very, very sorry for your loss.

    Sending my deepest sympathy,

  26. Jean eckermann and family says:

    Dear Maryanne, our thoughts and prayers are with you continuously.. may the happy memories of your love and caring for Lachlan, bring you much comfort.
    His life was all too short, but the memories will last forever.
    – Jean Eckermann and family

  27. Megan Burke says:

    Dearest Maryanne,
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    – Megan Burke

  28. Bec Brasser says:

    It is with sincere sadness that mum and I cannot come to say a final goodbye, Lachlan.
    You will be eternally loved and forever remembered for your smile, and the smile that so easily came to everyone’s face when in your presence.

    Rest easy young Lachlan.

    Our thoughts and kind wishes are with you today Maryanne.

    All our love,
    Bec and Di xxx

  29. Roger says:

    Dear Maryanne

    My most sincere and heartfelt condolences to you.
    What a most amazing parent and guide you have been to Lachy, a guiding light and an anchor of love and caring that could not have been more complete or more profound.
    Roger Xx

  30. Jo Parke says:

    Dear Maryanne …we are grief stricken by the sad and tragic loss of Lachlan.
    I cannot imagine your loss.
    Ari was so lucky to have spent his primary years with Lachlan, years filled with jokes and laughter and love.

    Lachlan we will always remember you as a gorgeous, kind hearted, loving, sensitive and generous young man…. you will be truly and deeply missed.

    With much love and deepest sympathy
    Jo & Alex; Ari and Electra Moulieris

  31. Claire Alleway says:

    I met Lachlan many years ago, a more shy student at Brunswick South P.S.
    It was a delight to watch and hear him grow in confidence and creativity, particularly during summer camps at Phillip Island. I will always be inspired by the beautiful, gentle, kind relationship between Lachlan and Maryanne, you showed so much care and love for one another.

    My deepest sympathy to all of Lachlan’s family and friends.

    – Claire Alleway

  32. Joelle and Wayne says:

    Dear Maryanne
    We’re sorry we couldn’t make it today but we were thinking of the little Lachlan at Normanby while we taught today.
    We are a better school for having taught him – we did not succeed in all things but he made us more aware, more patient and reflective. We will always remember him.
    Words can’t express how sad we feel for you Maryanne. You are an inspiration. We have all been touched by witnessing your unconditional love.
    Visit or reach out anytime.

    – Joelle and Wayne

  33. Catherine Johnson says:

    Maryanne and Lachlan, a precious gift to each other’s lives, so beautiful to witness.
    I am in awe of the amazing human being you are Maryanne. Please know in your profound grief that you are constantly held in our hearts.
    Sending so much love from Adelaide xo

  34. Charlotte Bathurst says:

    Dear Maryanne
    My heart goes out to you. I know that you are extraordinary, and I know you have incredible strength. Please go gently.
    Please accept my very deepest condolences on the loss of Lachlan.
    Lottie xx (Campbells Creek)

Funeral Details

At the request of the family, a private service was held.