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A gathering for family and friends of Dr Kath O’Connor will be held in the tearooms at the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens on Tuesday (November 26) between 3.00 and 5.00pm.   There will be a private cremation for Kath earlier in the day.    As an alternative to flowers you may like to support Kath’s campaign to raise funds for research into Ovarian cancer, organised by the  Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group. You will find information at .    Please click on Kath's surname (above in orange) to read tributes left from family and friends.


26 responses to “O’Connor”

  1. Melanie Young says:

    My beautiful friend Kathryn O’Connor. What will I ever do without you? You were so very good at friendship. Never pretentious. Lover of swimming, chocolate, theatre, science, medicine, family, red wine, cats, diversity, yoga, independent thinking, literature, rosè, lesbians, porridge, friendship, hard work, dancing, political agitation, films, travel, sand between the toes, herbal tea, justice, whisky, trees, gardens, queers, dogs, writing, equality, music, French toast, Rachael, chickens, the sea, backstroke. Always in my heart. All of my love. Melanie Young MPY

    An open mind. Never pretentious or arrogant And never caught up in social media bullshit.

  2. Sally Young says:

    A beautiful soul and very special person – taken too soon. Thanks for all the lovely times and memories Kath.
    RIP – you will be missed by many. Xxx

  3. Dane McManus says:

    Dearest Kath, What a lovely woman, gone far too soon. You always had something intuitive to say, something that added a new dimension to a situation or my train of thought. I enjoyed our times together, mostly revolving around our shared love of water and Bali. I will miss not having the opportunity to sit with you once again in a sun drenched pool, reading our respective books and intermittently conversing about them or life in general. I hope wherever you are now has lots of sun, a plunge pool, thousands of books along with material for you to write your beautiful words. Love Dane, your holiday husband. xx

  4. Rhonda Stewart says:

    My dear friend Kath, thank you for almost 20 years of friendship. And so much laughing and poetry reading and sharing books and paintings. I will always love you and miss your wonderful laugh. Goodbye my friend xx

  5. Brian says:

    Farewell beautiful Kath, Thanks for the lovely memories. Honoured to call you a friend. May you rest in peace and forever swim in the deep blue waters. Forever in my thoughts. Brian xx

  6. Warrick Glynn says:

    I’ll miss Kath’s smile, her contagious optimism, her laugh, her writing and her funky dance moves. One day we’ll meet again under the mirror ball and laugh the night away. Good bye dear friend.
    Warrick (One of your loving husbands)

  7. Rusty Knee says:

    Dear Kath O’Connor you made the world a brighter and better place just being you. I will miss your laugh, smile, kindness and your warmth. Rest in peace.
    Love Rusty xxx

  8. Emily Walsh says:

    Kath O’Connor , a great mind , warm heart , passionate soul. Always interested and interesting. Sharp as a tack , observant , witty , and so compassionate. The world is less with you. All my love to Rachel and the rest of your family xx

  9. Marcus Ingleby says:

    Kath. My friend. My chosen family. My Swimming buddy. My movie date. My creative, brilliant, smart, kind-hearted, gentle Kath. My mischievous glance across a dance floor. My big hug and a kiss on the lips. My fighter for all that is good and right. Passionate lover of life. Lover of Rachael. Gatherer of people. My heart. M x

  10. Clare Sherman says:

    I must wait for the sunrise
    I must think of a new life
    And I mustn”t give in.
    When the dawn comes
    Tonight will be a memory too
    And a new day will begin.

    Selfishly I hoped for more time with you. Now I’m clinging to memories. From dancing around your parents living room to Cats to idle catch ups last summer I realise you were always there. I will miss you and I will miss the me that only you knew – and the unique friendship we had – and that I will always cherish . Not ready for goodbye x

  11. Darren Cundy says:

    You’d always be greeted with a smile when Kath saw you, you could be guaranteed of that, no matter how she might be feeling that day – it was just one of the many reasons that each of us felt a special connection to her. Always ready to tackle a heavy converation if that’s what she thought you needed, but just cheeky enough to make you laugh in the next breath. When I think of Kath I think of someone that had so many qualities; patient but determined, accepting but ethical, empathetic but cheeky. The world is much less without her, but I’m going to take solace that where she is now is richer and that it will embrace her and give her the rest and peace she deserves. We’ll miss you Kath FTB. Daz

  12. Brian says:

    Darling Kath, Thanks for the lovely memories. Honoured to call you and a friend. May you rest in peace and forever swim in deep blue waters. In my thoughts forever. Love, Brian xx

  13. Rosalind says:

    As a healer and doctor Kath was the best. She was extremely knowledgeable, quick, experienced, supportive, understanding, empathetic and very committed. She always had time to listen to you, and always gave her best with great love and care. I know that I benefitted greatly from her abilities and care, as did many others. Being under the care of Cindy, who was a counsellor, and Kath together at Lylleton St was like being under the dynamic duo of healing. She will be sadly missed, and never forgotten.

  14. Anke and Mandy says:

    Kath O’Connor, a beautiful soul gone too soon. You personified all that is good about the human race and we know our lives are richer for having known you. You possessed grace, intelligence and the hard to come by kindness that this world needs more of. You were true to yourself and embracing of others and you will be remembered and missed by so many. We wish you a gentle passage to the ‘next place’.
    Our thoughts reach out to Rachael and your family at this saddest of times.

  15. Athena Williams says:

    Many memories many fond moments, many laughs, tears and joy. I’ll miss you dear Kath. You’ll fill my heart when I see crocodiles, pineapples, the Saturday crosswords, the monster crosswords on a long weekend, Gem, the railway walk, the times when I arrive early for an event and pull weeds from my garden. You are one special woman Kath. Thoughtful, honest, challenging, passionate and kind. You will be deeply missed. Forever in my heart, May you soar high x x

  16. Caroline Donohue says:

    Dear Kath, You changed the trajectory of my life, you arrived just when I needed you most. Our worlds so different and yet I have rarely felt closer to most. I have often thought of you and beamed gratitude toward you. The best mum to Shirley and Gem! You are loved my friend. Thank you for seeing me and for being you. May you rest in peace and stay in my heart xo

  17. Louise Young says:

    Dear Kath, I have such fond memories of being next door neighbours in Burns Street and of our many adventures on the trip to Marrakech. I will always remember your gentleness, goodness, humility and kindness. I’ll also remember the subtle comments followed by a mischievous laugh. Thanks for being part of our family for many years; you will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Rest gently Kath. Much love, Louise xx

  18. Denese Warmington says:

    My dear friend, Kathryn O’Connor. I remember the first time I met you, in Trumbledore’s office in 2007. I remember thinking what a clever, warm and interesting person you were. Over more than a decade of friendship, I learnt that you were also funny, compassionate, ethical, curious, passionate and, a wordsmith. And now you are gone. I will hold dear, memories of long easy talks on life and love and words, our own, and those of others; the laughter we shared; the effortless way we were a part of each other’s lives. I will cherish how you wanted only good things for me, as I did for you. I will smile remembering when you fell in love with Rachael. And laugh remembering your delight in my many farming misadventures (there’s a book in that!). I will remember lunch at the Governor’s Café, both of us bald from chemo, you for the second time – and not the last – me for the first time, and hopefully the last; the simple pleasure of being together, the warmth from the sun on our backs. I will always feel pride and happiness at seeing Looking for Eileen on my bookshelf, and be honoured that you trusted me to help bring her story, and yours, to life. I will miss you, my lovely wonderful friend. Swim deep, walk long.

  19. Deborah Coulthard says:

    So saddened to hear that you’d left us. You were all a GP should be. I enjoyed sharing writerly interests. You were a lovely person and such a good citizen. This town will be poorer without you. My God’s face shine upon you and may you rise in Glory. Deborah Coulthard

  20. Nick Ward says:

    Oh Kath, the party wasn’t meant to end so soon. You were always the person to have a heart to heart with, a hug and a cuddle, the tyranny of distance has seen me miss that, but I knew you were never really that far away. Now you are. You live on through all of us, but the passing of the wisdom, of the person who took action, leaves a huge hole. You have left us the gifts of your writing, of the achievements of such an exhilarating life, and the message that we must never put off until tomorrow what can and should be done today. And to treasure your family, your friends, and your family of friends. I’m All my love beautiful woman, Nick xxx

  21. Rachel Lee says:

    Dear Kath, I’m so very grateful to you for trailblazing and making a trainee medical educator job when nothing existed before. Your drive and ability to think outside the box benefitted me and so many others after me. Thanks for your guidance, humour and friendship- it was always such a pleasure working with you (and when our busy lives permitted playing and eating together too.) I’m really sad that we lost contact since in the years since we stopped working together. You were so curious, kind and cheeky – you brought fun and wit to everything you did. I’ve really enjoyed reading your writing from afar- such skill with words! I’ve particularly enjoyed and been inspired by you using your craft to share your experiences of illness. Your honestly and bravery reminds doctors to reflect on the patient experience and bring more understanding and compassion to what we do. My thoughts and love are with your family as I know you will be deeply missed.

  22. Robbie Leslie says:

    Dear Kath, every time I think of you your smile shines through for me in my memories of you. Your kindness, wise words & a bloody good laugh made you the lovely person you are. Of course how can we forgot the many laps we swam , your backstroke and all the parties and dress ups! Swim well Kath rest easy. Love Robbie xx

  23. Shelley and Daryl says:

    Beautiful Kath. Today we will come to celebrate your life and say goodbye. We will think of dance floor embraces of the past and of long conversations that you sneakily made sure were always about us. Your eyes always looking in and your body always forward and open. Thank you Kath. Love Daryl and Shirl xo

  24. Karen O’Connor says:

    Dear Kath, it has been fun catching up with you over the many Anzac tree family days. We are sad,but thankful no more pain. Wonderful you came to Sally and Leigh’s wedding. All our Love. Terry,Karen,Dean,Sally and Leigh.

  25. Simone says:

    To My Dear Friend. I wish more than anything I could be there today to honor you. Going to watch some Fawlty Towers and Moonlighting (our faves) instead, and play your infectious laugh over and over in my head. So many great memories and we were always laughing! I’m so, so glad we were friends. I love you. Simone xo

  26. Gem says:

    So sorry to hear about Kath’s passing – she was a great woman. Hoping some of her Castlemaine and Fryerstown ‘friends’ will acknowledge her too.

Funeral Details

26th November 2019 at 3:00 PM