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Peter Gordon Stanton

Peter Gordon Stanton

8th July 1943 - 14th February 2023


Peter passed away peacefully in his sleep on 14th February 2023 at Bendigo Base Hospital, aged 79 years.

He will be greatly missed by his children Cameron, Philippa and Romney,

his children-in law Tatiana, Alex and Glen, and Grandchildren Kit and Élodie.

He will be dearly missed by his friends, his fellow church members at St Mary’s and the team at his beloved radio station 105.1 Life FM.

God has you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts.


A Service of Thanksgiving for Peter’s life will be held in St Mary’s Anglican Church, 195 High Street, Kangaroo Flat

on Thursday 23rd February at 2.00pm (please enter the carpark from the street behind the church).

A private cremation will follow.


If you wish to join us at the service via livestream,
please return to the home page of this website and click on the livestream button.
The service will be live approximately 5-10 minutes prior to commencing.


Funeral Livestream


11 responses to “Peter Gordon Stanton”

  1. kathryn manchester says:

    I worked for Peter in the late 1970s.
    He was a kind, thoughtful, godly boss who used his gift of words to speak to people of the Lord Jesus, who he is now seeing face to face.
    – Kathryn Manchester

  2. Simon Manchester says:

    In 1972 Peter Stanton helped me enormously – as I was a new Christian – to not despair over doubts but take God at His Word in the dark times. We remained friends for 51 years, he attended St Thomas North Sydney when I was Senior Minister there, and our conversations on the phone after he moved to Melbourne were warm and wonderful.
    Peter was sure of his Saviour, faithful to scripture, devoted to his family, kind to his friends, gentle in style and a humble recipient of God’s grace. I was so sad to see of his leaving us but – to borrow the words of John 16:22 “now is our time of grief, but I will see you again [because Christ rose and promised] and we will rejoice and no-one will take away our joy”.
    Thank you for invaluable friendship Peter – thank you for invaluable salvation and for Peter, Lord Jesus.
    – Simon Manchester

  3. Lauren Kirkham says:

    Peter, what a blessing to have had your influence in my life.
    You have been such an encouragement.
    What a beautiful man of God you were – full of energy and a zest for sharing the gospel!
    Will miss your smiling face and that sparkle in your eye.
    Thank you for teaching me all I need to know about radio over the past 5 years.
    Condolences to Peter’s family; I know he will be missed.
    – Lauren Kirkham

  4. peter adam says:

    I met Peter in 1967 when we were both students at Ridley College. Peter came to full assurance of faith in Christ through Bishop Donald Baker,

    former Bishop of Bendigo, and former Principal of Ridley College, who gave his lectures on Hebrews that year.
    I praise God for his kindness in Christ Jesus, for granting Peter forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and the Holy Spirit.
    I praise God for Peter’s life and service, and for his gifts and friendship.
    Peter Adam

  5. Barbara Lindeman says:

    Fond memories of the Sunday Lunch Club at Elmore with Eve, Jenny and Pete.
    Will miss your keen sense of humour and our shared interest in language.
    Condolences to Romney, Pip and Cam.
    Barbara Lindeman

  6. Bruce Livett says:

    I attended Carey Grammar with Peter and became firm friends with him during our early teens growing up in the Burwood / Ashburton area. We kept in contact during his time as a cadet broadcaster at radio 3DB. We shared an interest in broadcasting and music over the years and even though separated by States and Continents we kept in touch – most recently via social media. I much enjoyed a weekend with Peter at Elmore where he enthused me with his passion for Community radio in Bendigo. A good friend over the years. Your positivity in times of duress was inspirational. From Carey and 3DB days to Burwood to Elmore and Bendigo. A journey well taken. RIP Pete.
    Your mate, Bruce

  7. Mal 'n Sal says:

    Pete was a great gift to us from the get-go.
    We met him when I (Sal) was working with him and Clifford Warne, both of whom trained me, day by day, with a combination of knowledge, expertise and hilarity. He became a special friend to us both and, in time, godfather to our first-born son. We loved him.

    Pete had so many gifts. He was very bright, of course, and (much too) quick with his repartee and witticisms. Perfect for radio! He was a ‘class act’, we always thought. (Witness his, then, classic Jaguar and its leather interior. “Ah, the scent of leather! Smell it!”) That quality in him brought a presence likewise perfect for broadcasting: an excellence that made listeners confident they were in the hands of someone who would give them a great time.

    He was terrific fun, positively shameless in some of the tricks he would pull. He knew precisely how to reduce me to giggles and did his best, in the studio, to throw me off script just as I stepped up to the microphone. All the while, though, he was the consummate professional who expected a proper recording, despite his antics. I could happily have worked with him for the rest of my life, except that, after almost a decade, our paths took us to different countries.

    He was Godly, gracious, patient and, forgiving. He had a heart of love and loved the heart of God, wanting to see it shared with all people. He was humble, honest and open when life proved tough for him. He was gentle, kind and encouraging when life proved tough for others.
    He did, yes, love the Word and allowed the Lord to be his anchor at all times and in all things. He was genuine in his faith and deep in his understanding. A solid, committed, faithful servant of God, eager to please his Master until he met his Maker.

    Pete had the passion of a preacher together with the gifts of an entertainer, born for radio. He used the whole package to the utmost in making Jesus known. Surely, we will not easily see his like again!

  8. Chris Dalton says:

    I got to know Peter during his time living in Elmore including his considerable involvement at St. Peter’s Anglican Church.
    Quite often we would catch up on a Sunday evening for a chat. A few things stand out for me from those chats:
    – his love for Jesus Christ and his church
    – his love for and pride in his family
    – his love for reading and literature
    – his sense of humour
    I am disappointed to be unable to attend his funeral today as I will be in Adelaide. But I will join in virtually and give thanks to God for Peter’s
    life and the fact that I benefitted from his life intersecting with mine.
    My condolences to all the family
    Chris Dalton & the Dalton family

  9. Stephen Wilkinson says:

    I worked in audio production & tech with Peter at 2CBAFM 103.2 in the 1990’s, I spent many, many hours recording him doing Voice Overs, etc; we also worked on a number of events and outside broadcasts during that time, many laughs and great comradery over many years. When I came back to FM103.2 (now called Hope 103.2) in 2004 as tech manager, he was there in the Church Partnership role until he had to “retire” due to his heart condition. We had kept in contact over the years regularly we’d chat as he’d ask tech advice for the Bendigo station in his “retirement”. We and God can definitely say “Well done good and faithful servant!” RIP my friend.
    Stephen Wilkinson

  10. Glenyss Barnham says:

    Peter was a gentle soul. This ability to love and care for people was only eclipsed by his tenacity and determination. Few people could have accomplished all he did despite the overwhelming health problems that were a part of his everyday existence.
    He suffered far more than most people realised, yet he strived to accomplish the things God laid on his heart.
    He was a visionary and made those dreams a reality. He saw possibilities, grabbed opportunities and got things done.
    He was an exceptional man and my best friend. He knew my heart. He encouraged me to do things I might never have attempted and then stood

    beside me and cheered me on. He saw the potential in people and was generous in helping them reach that potential.
    Peter had a beautiful heart, a delightful sense of humour, a quick wit, a compassionate spirit, a deep faith and a life passionately committed to Jesus.
    He left an amazing legacy, not only through his long radio career, but in the hearts and lives of the people who were privileged to know him.
    Glenyss Barnham

  11. Jennifer Crust says:

    I feel privileged to have know Peter, from his time in Elmore.
    He was an inspirational Christian, who helped me and many during his lifetime.
    I’m sure he was welcomed with open arms by our Lord Jesus, but our lives here on earth will be less without his presence.
    His service was an exceptional tribute his life.
    I give thanks for knowing Peter.
    – Jennifer Crust

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St Mary’s Anglican Church
195 High Street
Kangaroo Flat

23rd February 2023 at 2:00 PM

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