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in memory of

Phillip Siggins

Phillip Siggins

9th October 1949 - 18th January 2024


Phillip passed away on the 18th of January at the Castlemaine Hospital after a long illness.

He was the dearly loved partner of Chris, dearly loved brother of Bill and Tony,

dearly loved uncle of Cassie, Adam, Tiz and Andrew, Simon and Stacey, Julian, Anders and Anita.

Your charm and joy is with us still.


Family and friends are invited to attend Phillip's funeral service 

to be held in the Chapel of Mount Alexander Funerals, 12 Campbell Street, Castlemaine

on Thursday 25th January commencing at 2.00pm.

A private cremation will follow.


A recording of Phillip's funeral service will be placed here on his tribute page 

within a few days after his funeral.


Funeral Livestream


31 responses to “Phillip Siggins”

  1. Cheryl Fitzgerald says:

    A beautiful soul… the memory of Phillip is joyful and loving.
    Our lives were enriched by knowing Phillip, even if only through occasional contact.
    Sadly missed by all who knew him.
    My condolences and love to Chris, Phillips’ extended family and close friends.
    Cheryl Fitzgerald

  2. Tony Martin and Mal Brown says:

    We first met Phillip in late 90’s when playing tennis at Elsternwick in Melbourne. He was always a lovely person, very friendly and easy to get to know. From this initial meeting, we quickly became good friends and spent many lunches and dinners together with Phillip and Chris, enjoying a glass of bubbly.
    Phillip always had a quick wit, cheeky sense of humour and happy disposition.
    His love for history, antiques and opera was always interwound into most catch-ups and conversations.
    We will miss him dearly.
    Tony Martin and Mal Brown

  3. Wendy Short says:

    Phillip was my boss and my mentor for a number of years at Victoria University.
    He was a fabulous boss and he was very important in my professional life.
    I am forever grateful that our paths met.
    Wendy Short

  4. Lyn Duffy says:

    Phillip & I started worked at Western Institute on the same day in May 1990 & then later at Victoria University. Phillip was my boss and a good friend.
    From the very first day, working alongside Phillip was a pleasure. His witty banter and wicked sense of humour always made me laugh, and I always knew Phillip had my back, no matter what!
    We shared many stories over staff morning teas, and lunches at local Vietnamese restaurants.
    You’ll be very sorely missed Phillip.
    Our condolences to Chris.
    Lyn Duffy

  5. Ilse and Frank Thompson says:

    Phillip and Chris have been friends for fifty years.
    Many happy memories of summer weekends at Barwon Heads with Phillip and Chris as incredibly generous hosts.
    Phillip’s joie de vivre was a constant and our two boys were always made welcome.
    Many glasses of wine and fine cheeses were shared alongside
    Phillip’s wicked sense of humour.
    We will miss him.
    Ilse and Frank Thompson

  6. Kerry Anderson says:

    So sorry Chris to hear of this sad news.
    As part of your extended family of volunteer tour guides at Buda Castlemaine, please know that we are thinking of you.
    Our condolences to all of Phillip’s family.
    Kerry Anderson

  7. Robert King says:

    January 23
    Anything I say will be inadequate to describe my feelings for you Philip.
    As a friend I loved you dearly and cherished those moments when I visited you and Chris at Castlemaine or St Kilda.
    And although we lost contact you were always there – in my memories.
    I rejoiced in your wicked sense of humour, your intelligence and your humanity.
    Now I just feel the emptiness that comes with absence.
    I’m also grieving for you Chris and want so much to hug you.
    Robert King

  8. Patricia Poppenbeek says:

    Phillip was such a lovely man—droll, clever, kind and brave. I shall miss him.
    Patricia Poppenbeek

  9. Pat Grumont says:

    The Buda community remembers Phillip, a former committee member, as a gentle, caring person.
    We send our love and thoughts to Chris and Phillip’s family at such a sad time. He will be sorely missed.
    Pat Grumont

  10. Grant Johnson and Steven Wharton says:

    Phillip Siggins leaves a hole in our lives which no one can replace. He was such a clever man, so intelligent, witty, sophisticated, artistic, creative, humorous, loving,
    the list goes on. His absence will be felt always. Our hearts go out to Chris at this time, who has been such a wonderful loving support, not just through Phillip’s illness but throughout their near 50 years together.
    Grant Johnson and Steven Wharton

  11. Geoff Logan and Richard Lay says:

    Chris, we feel so sad that Phillip is no longer with us. He was a giant among men who will always be remembered.
    We send much love to you and we will always be ready to help you in any way we can.
    Geoff Logan and Richard Lay

  12. Jane Garvey says:

    So sad to learn of Phillip’s illness and death even though it is decades since we spent time together. I have great memories from our years together as undergraduates at Monash and lovely times with Bill, Tony and Robert down at Flinders and later in Hawthorn. He was such an amusing host and a great guest who could be relied upon to stimulate the conversation at dinner parties. Deepest condolences to Chris on his loss. Phillip was one of life’s gentlemen and a great friend. Rest in peace old friend.
    Jane Garvey

  13. Paul Allen says:

    My deepest condolences to you Chris, you were Phillip’s rock throughout his illness and your time together. I was so saddened to hear of Phillip’s passing, he was such a clever, funny, talented man who always made me laugh and feel relaxed . He was and still is a huge inspiration to me as I also go through my own cancer journey hence me not being able to attend todays service however I will be there in spirit and my Fiance Paul will be there to represent us both.
    Paul Allen.

  14. John Moran says:

    Lives move in different directions and although I hadn’t seen Phillip for many years, I will always remember him as gentle, intelligent
    and thoughtful with a quick wit and a contagious sense of humour.
    My sincere condolences to Chris.
    John Moran

  15. Andrew Brown says:

    Phillip was a multifaceted individual. He made significant contributions in academia, literature, and after completing his M.A. at Monash University, he embarked on a career in university administration, spanning three decades. His love for literature endured, leading him to contribute critical articles and book reviews for The Australian, the Castlemaine Art museum, and the Hearld Sun. Following health challenges, he transitioned to creative writing, achieving success with the publication of his works. His diverse talents and unwavering passion for literature and creative expression leave a lasting legacy.

    Of course, his real legacy was his personal charm and the joy he gave others. An urbane, funny and witty man, he was always entertaining and enduringly positive. He will be dearly missed by those who knew him, and especially by Luke and I. Our thoughts our with his life partner Chris, his family and his furry companion Gus.
    Rest in peace Phillip, you fought a long and hard battle. XOX
    Andrew Brown

  16. Brian English and Jenny Wilson says:

    We got to know Phillip and Chris though mutual friends and shared many very pleasant activities and discussions with them on our visits to Castlemaine.
    We are not able to be present at today’s celebration of Phillip’s life but do want to express how very grateful we are for the times we spent with them.
    Brian English and Jenny Wilson

  17. Luke Devenish and Andrew Brown says:

    We were so much the richer for knowing Phillip, and we’re so sorry that we’re unable to be there to celebrate his life today. Phillip was truly a dazzling wit, glorious good company, and a pin up boy for urbanity and charm. His unrelenting sparkle in the face of his illness was never anything less than inspiring for his friends. He will be deeply missed, but in the endless anecdotes his hilarity has spawned, his memory will be cherished by everyone who knew him. Vale Phillip xxx
    Luke Devenish

  18. Roger and Kordula says:

    Phillip truly was sparkling, he was a warm and generous host and made both of laugh. It was always a pleasure to visit whether it was Richmond, Toorak, St Kilda or Castlemaine. We are sorry we couldn’t make the service but watched it and it was a fitting and moving tribute. A very warm speech Chris.
    Roger and Kordula

  19. Noel Daniel says:

    Chris, I am sorry that I was prevented from joining you personally at dear Phillip’s funeral but was glad I was able to see it on-line. Phillip is missed by a lot of people.
    He was an extraordinary man.
    Big hugs to you.
    Noel Daniel

  20. Sue Wynne-Hughes says:

    Dear Chris
    The service was a wonderful tribute to Phillip and you. The stories showed your joy and love for each other. Glad Grant could deliver Phillip’s own words.
    I will always remember Phillip’s wit, warmth, humour & happy sparkling self. You always sparkled together as a couple.♥️
    Well done for sharing with us is a tough gig to speak when the love of your life dies.
    Kind regards
    Love Sue Wynne-Hughes 🌹

  21. Renn Wortley says:

    Sincerest sympathy to you Chris on the death of your wonderful partner Phillip. I knew and valued him highly as a wise, witty and effective Monash staff colleague from the mid 1980s. We often worked closely in the central university administration, from his “second coming” to Monash until he retired, after a challenging four years as Council Secretary and head of executive services. Phillip’s deft touch, high intelligence and good humour helped bring many demanding collaborations to a successful outcome. It was also my pleasure to share some memorable social occasions with you both over the years, enjoying your warm and generous hospitality, with sparkling wordplay and lots of laughter. The funeral service today was a most fitting and moving tribute to a life well lived, one shared principally with you, but also very generously with an exceptionally wide circle of friends.
    Renn Wortley

  22. Mandy Leveratt and Lyn McKenzie says:

    We have lost a much loved and cherished friend and Chris has lost a partner of 50 years. We shall miss his wicked sense of humour and his ever-expanding collection of chairs, china and decanters. With much love to Chris; to Phillip’s brother Bill and Chris’s sister Gill.
    Mandy Leveratt and Lyn McKenzie

  23. Leonie Weaver says:

    Dear Phillip, I will always miss you. I’m grateful to have known you and enjoyed your wit and your deep compassion. Whenever I catch the No 96 tram, I think of you and that unforgettable short story you wrote for us all at The Cartridge Family Writers. Sincere condolences to Chris.
    Leonie Weaver

  24. Gerard Condon and Michael Rigg says:

    Farewell Phillip, you will be sorely missed. Your memories will continue on in so many ways – your discerning passion for collecting art, fine China and grand furniture; your humour, wit and taste for champagne, but most importantly, your wonderful relationship with Chris. You won’t be forgotten – your usual seat at our table is there forever. Adieu, our dear friend.
    Gerard and Michael

  25. Andrew and Jo Wheat says:

    Sending you lots of love and strength Uncle Chris.

    We adored Uncle Phillip who was always kind, clever and quick witted.
    We always looked forward to seeing you both, what a wonderful team you made!

    Phillip will always remain in our hearts.

    Love Andrew, Jo, Alfie and Millie

  26. Philip Nash says:

    My memories of Phillip go back a long way – to Hawthorn, Toorak, St Kilda – and of course I have known Chris even longer. Phillip’s smiling face, his knowledge, his love of literature and the arts, his talent for telling a good story and his loving companionship with Chris will remain very happy, lasting memories for me. Keeping in touch over these years with Chris and Phillip has been an enduring pleasure. Phillip will be sadly missed.
    Philip Nash

  27. Michael Sharkey and Winifred Belmont says:

    Farewell to a fine gentleman and a lovely friend. Our lives were brightened by your kindness, charm and generosity.
    To Chris, our abiding love.
    Michael Sharkey and Winifred Belmont

  28. Sue Picot says:

    I met Phillip in the Ming Wing at Monash University when he was doing English Honours and in his 4th Year. We had a mutual friend. He was interesting, cultured (I’d never been to a dinner where we were entertained with our own string quartet. At the time there’d been a large gap between my school years and academic studies and inbetween schooling had changed. I had to catch up on the art of essay writing and Phillip steered me towards Strump, I was forever grateful as after reading it I never looked back other than citing a reference. Phillip was a raconteur and one of the funniest people I knew. Anyone who heard his recounting of a visit to Irish relatives will understand what I mean when I say he had me crying with laughter. His interests were wide-ranging as others have pointed out. He was prone to embellishing his stories, to Chris’ ‘Oh Phillip’ and Phillip swearing it was true. Chris and Phillip were devoted to one another, Chris was Phillip’s rock who kept him grounded. Phillip was fun to be with and I will miss him.
    Chris my thoughts and love are with you, you did him proud at the funeral.
    Hugs, Sue Picot

  29. Ian and Alun says:

    Dear Phillip,
    You were always such a kind and wise soul.
    Your wit was always sharp but never cruel. You were the epitome of a true scholar and a gentleman.
    You will be sorely missed.
    Chris, to you we send our heartfelt condolences. We hope that the fond memories of your 50 years together will help to comfort you at this sad time.

  30. Robert Eldridge says:

    Both Phillip and Chris have been dear friends of mine and Tommy’s since the 1970s.
    Phillip enriched our lives with his humour generosity kindness and love.
    Many fond memories will live on.
    Love Rob Eldridge

  31. John Davies says:

    Such a joyous life. Lots of lovely and fun memories of Phillip and Chris, thankyou for the few times together, always making time for me to visit and share high tea or a meal at Brown St when I visited. We go back a long way and I have always felt that I was part of your circle of family and friends and I was always delighted to be in your company, Phillip.
    You will be sorely missed by us all, and I am sending sincere condolences at this very sad and difficult time to Chris and all the family and friends.
    John Davies

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25th January 2024 at 2:00 PM

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