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Susan (Soosie) Adshead

Susan (Soosie) Adshead


Soosie Adshead (1947-2020), artist, died on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 in Castlemaine, Victoria after a long illness.

Soosie was born on 30 April 1947, the eldest daughter of Sidney Adshead and Margaret Adshead (nee Temby) of Melbourne.

Educated at Newlands High School, Coburg, Soosie then went on to study design at Prahran Technical College. After working briefly in Hobart,

Soosie settled in Carlton, Melbourne, where she soon became involved with theatre productions.


From 1972 to 1979, Soosie used her significant design talents at The Pram Factory, working as set designer on a number of productions there,

including an adaptation of Jack Hibberd’s Dimboola in 1973. In the 1980s, she continued to work as a designer on a range of feminist,

theatre and book projects.


Soosie settled in Central Victoria in the late 1980s. She lived in Hargraves Street, Castlemaine before building a home in Vaughan Springs.

She later returned to Castlemaine. Soosie is survived by her sister Judith Aldrich and a niece. 


A private cremation has been held.


14 responses to “Susan (Soosie) Adshead”

  1. Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo says:

    Soosie and I met through our connections with The Pram Factory. Later, when I moved my desktop publishing company to a space in Bourke St, Soosie rented space from me and we worked on a few jobs together.
    We were also close neighbours in North Fitz.
    She was good company, a lot of fun and a brilliant designer.
    Vale, Soosie.

  2. David Kew says:

    So sorry to learn of Susan’s passing.
    A dear first cousin remembered with fondness.

  3. Cathy Thompson says:

    Such a pleasure to be able to look after Soosie at Ellery House. Much love to the family x

  4. Margot Tucker says:

    Dear Sooz Such a style queen back in those heady days!
    Always so elegantly turned out with that mass of strawberry blond frizz on top & Peter Stuyvesant on the lip!
    I learnt so much about culture & fashion from you
    Thank you Sooz- now at rest ❤️🌹❤️

  5. Louise Lovett says:

    Such a lovely person and so talented, always willing to help with a difficult project at a moments notice.

    So encouraging of local artists and crafts people when running the gallery and arts projects at Latrobe Uni.
    Could whip up a fabulous poster within minutes.
    Hardly blinked when we nearly got wiped out by an idiot running a red light in Chapel St.
    Trend setter, who can forget those purple overalls and the white house in North Fitzroy, needed strong sunnies to do that paint job!
    Much loved and respected by her very large family in the community.
    Will never forget that cheerful voice despite her very difficult physical condition.

    Seriously miss you Soosie, love Louise

  6. Patricia Bodsworth says:

    Soosie is also survived by the sisterhood. We enjoyed her company over many decades. How we laughed – and danced. She was a wonderful creative force among us. Vale Soosie.

  7. Lorraine Le Plastrier says:

    A friend to enjoy and always be surprised by …may your spirit fly free…..Lorraine le Plastrier

  8. Wendy Clancy says:

    I met Soosie when she was living in the Alphington house.
    I remember Soosie being social, very friendly, warm and kind. She was also comfortable with an audience.
    At that time Soosie had two legacy pets in the backyard. The old white cat Cleo needed to find a new home and so I took her to Fitzroy.
    That cat would grew old peacefully. She was a gift and I loved her dearly.
    As a Creative Soosie was also a gift.
    Soosie Adshead was a gift to everyone with whom she made a creative connection. Vale.

  9. Jenni Mather says:

    Dearest Soosie…we met in our 20’s and had a fabulous 7 years of wandering NZ and exploring our world. We were the best of friends and looked out for each other for the next 40 years. You were so incredibly creative……such a gentle touch, delicate, detailed and refined.
    I think you lived a lifetime or two before the last four years at Ellery House at Castlemaine Hospital where you delighted the staff with your wicked, whimsical ways even though your health was so compromised……They loved you
    I loved you Soosie…….you will never be forgotten……you were” one in a million”……….Jenni ❤️

  10. Deb Wardle says:

    Dear Soosie. What contributions you made to the world of arts, to friendships and to Castlemaine. Thanks for your cheeky wit, your artistic flare and the many fine houses and gardens you created. It has been a pleasure sharing a friendship with you over many years. Rest well, dear Soosie. Well deserved. Much love.

  11. Liz Nettleton says:

    Dear Soosie, We met many years ago when you were working in Graphic design. You designed a beautiful poster for my business :Tapestry Studios of Australia” Another one was for women in the work place, it featured four members of my family including my son Will when he was just a toddler…he is now 32.What a talented and wonderful woman you were…you will be very missed from many lives.

  12. Kevin Hair says:

    A dear friend for many years so sorry to hear xx

  13. Roni Nettleton says:

    Dear Soosie,
    A beguiling, colourful, creative, passionate and talented woman. You have left your mark on this world and a cornucopia of memories for all of us who will miss you greatly. May your spirit be carried to the next “theatre” on the love that goes with you.

  14. Jeannine Cleeve says:

    I knew Susan at school and lived opposite in West Preston.
    So we were playmates as children.
    But I enjoyed the notes about the rest of her life.
    She had an interesting life.
    Much love to Judy.
    – Jeannine Cleeve (nee Griffiths)

Funeral Details

At the request of the family, a private service was held.