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Suzanne “Suzie” Tuttleby (aka-snake)

Suzanne “Suzie” Tuttleby (aka-snake)

16th May 1951 - 20th January 2023

Beloved wife of Bob,
wonderful mother to Sean and Leigh, loving mother in law to Steph and Jess. 
Older sister to Bill (dec), Lorraine, Helen and Neville. 
An exceptionally passionate gardener and friend to many.  Except snails, she had no love for snails. 

When I come to the end of the road, and the sun has set for me,
I want no rites in a gloom filled room, why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little – but not for long. And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that once we shared. Miss me, but let me go.

For this is a journey we must all take, and each must go alone.
It’s all part of the master plan, a step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick at heart, go to the friends we know,
Laugh at all the things we used to do.
Miss me, but let me go.


A service to celebrate Suzanne's life was held in St Mary's Church, 195 High Street, Kangaroo Flat

on Wednesday 25th January at 2.00pm.


If you would like to watch Suzie's service, there will be a link placed here, on Suzie's tribute page, 

a few days after her funeral service.


In lieu of flowers please consider a donation in memory of Suzie to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.





Funeral Livestream


31 responses to “Suzanne “Suzie” Tuttleby (aka-snake)”

  1. Carlie Macpherson says:

    Sue was an amazing woman,
    she was a mother to me, a grandmother to my three children, she never judged me in any way she loved me and supported me through so much.
    I am so honoured that I had Sue 🌸 in my life. I will miss you and I will make you proud every day. I will miss our long conversations as I sat in the car, waiting to pick kids up from school or our coffee and biscuits discussing everything and anything. Just the mutual love and respect we shared, will never be replaced.
    It’s hard for me to put in writing just how much of a part of my life you were and how you inspired me to keep going when I didn’t think I could … you never gave up on me Sue 🌸 you could always see me for me, love you forever, and always, Carlie ❤️

  2. Judi and Rob Walker says:

    Farewell to a treasured friend, what a privilege to have known you.
    Much love and deepest sympathy to Bob and your boys who adored you and will miss you so much.
    Your battle is over now Suzie . ❤️
    Judi and Rob Walker

  3. Sammy Hooper! And family says:

    My dearest friend Sue,
    so many years we have shared together, worked together, played together, raised our families together, so many lovely memories you have left for us…oh! I will miss you dearly my friend but until we meet again you can play in that wonderful garden in the sky!❤️
    – Sammy Hooper & family

  4. Pam & Keith Lambden says:

    Rest in peace Suzie!
    So pleased we were able to say goodbye.
    We will miss your cheery sense of humour.
    Our heartfelt sympathy to you Bob, Sean and Leigh and Steph and Jess.
    Love Pam & Keith

  5. Meg Galpin says:

    Suzie my girl there will not be a lovelier flower now growing in God’s garden than you.
    Thank you for the laughter, the friendship and wonderful memories.
    And those special words ‘I love you too darl’
    – Meg Galpin x

  6. Chris & Dale West says:

    Hi Sue, although you’re my cousin, both Dale and I always considered you a friend.
    Dale reminded me that she first met you and Bob for dinner at the Carousel Restaurant about 50 years ago.
    Great times, great memories from Daisy and the Idiot.💋💋

  7. Ron & Linda van den Driesschen says:

    We will always remember the good times we had with you Sue. You and I had some great chats over meals, mostly about or respective other halves.
    We will miss you, but we will let you go.
    Ron & Linda van den Driesschen

  8. Shannon Odell says:

    Ahh Suzie Q,
    the memories from my childhood are full of you and Bob. You felt like my second family.
    I can still hear you laugh including the occasional snort. Which would then send me into fits of giggles.
    That beautiful cottage garden you created at the Ringwood house was like going on a jungle adventure to a young girl.
    Such a wonderful and joyous soul who always made me smile.
    I will always remember you with love and the greatest respect.
    Blessed are those who had the honour of knowing you.
    – Shannon Odell 🥰

  9. Lorraine Hutchins says:

    My “big” sister.
    Your love for Bob, Sean, Leigh and their exceptional partners Steph and Jess
    is unquestionable and everlasting.
    Your love for your garden shows in your “happy place”.
    My sister, friend and mentor our loss is devastating.
    Rest in peace at last, love you for eternity.
    – Lorraine

  10. Amanda Foster says:

    Sue, so amazing to share a portion of Bob and your adventures in this life.
    You will be dearly missed, always, but remembered with a smile and a cheeky laugh, cos that’s how you were anytime I saw you.
    Rest easy now, and don’t forget the occasional visit to Bob to keep him on his toes!
    With love to Bob, Leigh and Sean at this time too. 😘🌻🌱
    – Amanda Foster

  11. Sam Roach says:

    Sue, you and Bob made me feel like a member of your family each time I would come to visit Sean and Leigh.
    I thoroughly enjoyed our laughs, your sense of humour and positivity was contagious.
    You have raised a beautiful family, a testament to your strength and kindness.
    I am proud to have known you and you are already missed by so many including me.
    Rest in peace.
    – Sam Roach

  12. Yvonne Trask says:

    My darling cousin Sue, thank you for the many happy memories of our young lives shared.
    It was a privilege to share those times with you and Bob. Rest in peace now Sue.
    You will always have a place in my heart. ❤️
    Heartfelt sympathy to Bob and your boys, Sean and Leigh.
    – Yvonne Trask

  13. Pat and Alan Rapsey says:

    Dearest Sue,
    you are an inspiration to so many people, your infectious laughter and humour will always be remembered, such a loss for Bob and your adorable family.
    Please say hello to Jill when you will surely meet, gone but never forgotten!
    – Pat & Alan Rapsey

  14. Marion and Terry Foster says:

    Suzie … you’re not someone that can be easily described in a few words.
    Some words I will always have ringing in my ears from you are “dumb arse” and “g’day darl”, and a smile as I see you saying this to someone. 😂😂
    Thank you for being our friend.

    To Bob, Sean and Leigh our heart breaks for you all. As we see the pain in your eyes from the loss, but just remember that grief is the price we pay for love, and you all obviously loved each other a lot.
    Thinking of you all.
    Love Terry and Marion Foster

  15. Les and Dianne Lincoln and family says:

    Condolences to all family and friends.
    – Les & Dianne Lincoln and family

  16. Adam West says:

    Dear Sue..
    I won’t forget your smile and laugh.
    You’re in good company.
    Take care and farewell.
    – Adam West

  17. Neville and Joanne West says:

    Even though we didn’t see a lot of each other, we would talk pretty much weekly about many things, life, politics but mainly family.
    I would get Sue’s opinion (if I liked it or not), but often appreciated it. I loved how Sue really listened, even if she forgot after a few sleeps.
    Sue was known by a few names snake, viper, elf, and I was fortunate enough to only feel love an understanding of a bigger sister, forgiveness an love.
    Love you always Nev and Jo xxx

  18. Joanne Pickett& Sylvia Askey says:

    Our dear Suzy girl,
    Sylvia and l met her at the Lancefield op shop. Became fast friends … she loved her tea and cakes at morning tea time.
    A real trooper our girl, took no BS, told it how it is. She had a big heart, kind and always didn’t let things get her down.
    Condolences to family and friends.
    Will miss our dear Suzy girl.
    – Joanne & Sylvia Askey ❤️

  19. Helen Gray says:

    Our sister Sue had amazing resilience, willing ear to listen and funny personal story to cheer you up for a bit.
    Sue loves her family with the strongest mother’s, wives passion. Although her family’s repartee with each other, would seem to newcomers to the ‘family circle’ a trifle harsh, all would end in rolls of laughter!
    Keep the laughter going Susie in the loving embrace of over 30 relatives already there waiting for you.
    – Helen

  20. Maddi Howard says:

    Sue welcomed me into her extended family with nothing but warmth and good humour. She was a generally excellent all round lady who was exceptional company.
    I felt especially honoured that she was happy to throw insults at me as often as at the rest of the family.
    Bob, Leigh and Sean, I am so sorry.
    Maddi Howard

  21. claire west says:

    Lovely Auntie Sue, quick wit, wisdom, green thumb and the best long legs.
    It has been a privilege to know you and honor to call you my auntie.
    I may not have been in contact much over the years but you are always in my heart.
    The world was a better place with you in it and you will be greatly missed.
    Claire West

  22. Robert Shea says:

    Dear Sue,

    How much you will be missed! You will always stay in my mind as someone who is funny, smart, loving, caring, tenacious and forthright. Always good for a great conversation, a hearty laugh or a good dose of the truth!

    From as early as I can remember you’ve played a role in my life; caring, loving, supporting and sharing. I’ve been fortunate enough to know you not just as an aunty, but to see you raise your family as a mother, to shelter me and make feel as cared for as your own, and also to have you as a friend.

    Sue, you’ve raised not just your own family, but have helped raise many families, of that I am sure. And I’m forever grateful for you, and the amazing love, laughter and life you’ve spread in this world.

    Every rose in every garden will always remind me of you.

    Bob, Sean and Leigh,

    You’re all a further testament to Sue.

    Bob, your love for Sue is yet another reflection of the amazing person she is, and her love of you the same. Your love and care for each other reflected in your banter and good humour and a reminder to us all of real love.

    Sean and Leigh, what amazing people you are! There’s no one more compassionate, friendly, funny and dependable than you two. You’re the sparkle in her eyes, and the best of her and Bob together.

    My deepest condolences to you all, and may you find comfort in the everlasting memory of Sue, and the love and life she’s given.

    Love Robert Shea

  23. Janet Lee says:

    To Sue
    A beautiful woman
    A strong and loving person
    Leaving behind wonderful (and hilarious) memories
    We will miss you.
    Janet Lee xxx

  24. Tim and Dani Ward says:

    Our dear Suzie Mack,
    The world was surely a better place for having you! We will always treasure the precious memories we shared with you. Those memories are filled with joy, laughter, advice and occasionally some naughtiness! We are sad that you have passed but truly glad to have been!! Sending our love to Bob and the family.
    Tim and Dani Ward xoxo

  25. Kevin Stafford says:

    Sue’s death is a wake-up call to us all. And a reminder of the relentless march of time.
    Though we drifted apart recently, I will remember her sparkling, bubbly personality.
    The strength and courage in the face of adversity (repeated spinal operations), inspires me to this day.
    I mourn her passing.
    My heart goes out to the West clan and the Tuttlebys.
    This is a sad day for us all.
    Kevin Stafford

  26. Bob West says:

    Went to Our Ladies Primary in Eltham with Sue back in the early 60’s.
    There are plenty of memories terrorising the Eltham community with the other west gang.
    Went to the wedding when she married Bob, and we called her a cradle snatcher, but she did not care.
    Have not seen much of them in the last 35 odd years, and we were both saddened to hear of her passing.
    Our deepest sympathy goes to Bob and the family.
    Sadly we were held up this morning, and not able to attend the funeral, but will be there live streaming.
    Bob and Dianne West

  27. Nicole Tuttleby says:

    Mum you will be sadly missed by many.
    Love you so so much, fly high mum, and enjoy all the gardens above
    Nicole xoxoxo

  28. Claire says:

    Dear Sue,
    You were such an incredible woman, strong and quick witted until the end. We will never forget your laughter and jokes (usually at Bob or Dad’s expense!) around the dinner table. Yours’ and Bob’s love is one to last a lifetime, the dynamite duo that is ‘Bob and Sue’. Thank-you for being such an amazing friend to my parents. We are so glad you and Bob came into our lives and feel so lucky to have known you. You will be so very missed. Our hearts break for Bob, Sean and Leigh who will always love you as fiercely as you loved them. We know you will be keeping a watch over Bob from up there and we promise to do the same down here. You will be greatly missed.
    Love Claire, Bryce and Samuel xx

  29. Erin neville says:

    Dear Bob
    The memories we have and share will be with us forever! Never far from our thoughts and always in our heart! Cherish the beautiful times you had together they will stay with you forever! Just a strong and passionate lady and she will be dearly missed by anyone whose lives she touched. I’m just so glad we have had the time to enjoy her company and loved her laughter and her enthusiasm to life!
    Love you both! Erin

  30. chris and noel says:

    Dear Bob, our deepest sympathy. Sue will be sadly missed. An angel has found her wings.
    Chris and Noel.

  31. Helen and Max Fisher says:

    Goodbye my very dear friend.
    I will miss you everyday, after 50 years having our children and watching them grow into wonderful adults (we must have done something right) venting the state of the world, we always were able to laugh at whatever was happening in our lives or around us which helped us cope with whatever the world was throwing at us, love you Susie.
    – Helen & Max Fisher

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St Mary’s Church
195 High Street
Kangaroo Flat

25th January 2023 at 2:00 PM

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