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in memory of

Glenn Retallick

Glenn Retallick

3rd March 1962 - 21st August 2020


Glenn passed away after a year long battle with cancer. Taken from us all too soon at the young age of 58.

Dearly loved partner to Tina.  Son of Lenny and Marie (dec).  Brother to Dale and Julie.  

Father of Cameron and Corban.  Father-in-law to Leah.  Poppy to Bella and Tanner.  

Uncle to Matt, Kristy, Maddy, Laura, Georgia, Bethany and Mannix.

He will be missed by all. Forever in our hearts and always in our memories.


A private cremation has been held.


36 responses to “Glenn Retallick”

  1. Beryl Miller says:

    Rest In Peace Glen .

  2. Kerri says:

    Rest in peace mate. Maybe not.. 😊 hope you’re causing trouble where ever you are. That cheeky grin you left, tells me you will be. Will miss your advice and your worldly stories, will not miss your smule… 😅… You will live on in my fun crazy memories of you – of us. Will be waiting for that poke and the musk scent you promised to send every now and again. Thanks for always having my back…well most of the time 😅 you will be missed. Till we meet again. Love ya loads – Kerri & Antoinette. xox

  3. Ossie Fedrico says:

    To the Retallick family my heart goes out to you all as his passing will be felt by all who knew him.So sad to hear of his passing though he will live on through our memories of him,RIP Glenn

  4. Matt Retallick says:

    I will always remember uncle Glenn for his care free don’t give a fuck attitude, that’s what I loved about him the most, I’ll never forget going camping with uncle Glenn and going two up behind the boat on our skis, blind drunk cutting so hard with our shoulders on the water, another great memory is hanging out at his block rallying cars and smoking and drinking with out a care in the world, these are just a few of the many awesome times I had with my uncle, I will never forget you uncle Glenn, until we meet again, rest in paradise mate

  5. Joel Williams says:

    RIP old mate, hope it’s greener on the other side.. You raised a good son.. 👍

  6. Anne Gent says:

    RIP Glenn. Fly high .No more suffering. .. Anne and Matty.

  7. Lisa Thompson says:

    You were an absolute champion , I have some of the best and awesome memories when I was a little pain in the arse with you Always was fun. I still remember the day you and Debbie had Cameron and how I use to ride around to see you guys ., when you lived at Westall.
    I will cherish every memory but now you are at peace up with my bro Brownie running a muck I’m sure and reunited with your beautiful mum .
    Cam Dale Julie Lenny and the extended family thoughts to you all at this sad time .
    But have peace Glenn is no longer in pain xx
    Love Lisa Snap and luke

  8. Debbie & John Clutterbuck says:

    You fought a long hard battle Glenn, now your at peace, another bright star in the sky.

  9. Paige says:

    Sadly goin’ to be missed my heart an deepest sympathys go out to dear Cam Retallick an his family so sorry to hear about your dads passing he was a really great bloke he will be up there in heaven looking down on us all ❤️ love from Gio Degiorgio an Paige xo

  10. Erin Haley says:

    I’ll miss our friendship…. thank you for everything. Fly high in those shoes that you loved RIP “Uncle” 💔

  11. Adam fry says:

    Glen the man who taught me a few tricks of the metal fabrication game so many years ago, we had our foreigner Friday’s” you being the leading hand said fuck it’ it’s Friday do something you want for home on work hours so we did some out there things like side car bikes an al sorts haha, that’s just one time at work let alone the times I’d camp with you lot up the river! You had your own spin on being a top bloke that’s for sure, happy days glen the bloke out of triple X I’ll miss ya pal. Adam fry your sort of apprentice thumbs up 👍🏻

  12. Dale Retallick says:

    My brother, you could do anything you put your crazy mind to, whether it be knitting to panel beating, if you wanted to learn how to, you would do it. To a standard that a professional tradesman would be proud to call his job.
    I remember growing up travelling Australia’s country towns water ski racing. We would sleep and explore each country town, all the time Mum and dad thinking we are sound a sleep.
    I remember you teaching me almost everything I know. How to fight at an early age 🥊 how to smoke ciggarettes and other flammables. Lol.
    I will remember the fight you put up to beat cancer. The fights are over now my brother. Rest In Peace, love you Bro. 🤜🤛

  13. Rhonda Mcknight says:

    Glenn was a very unique individual, he would always have a story to tell that would make you laugh R.I.P mate.

  14. Corban says:

    i Have lots of fond memories of my father, camping and bush crafting, swimming in freshwater streams and that when taking off the radiator cap in a car that’s about to over heat don’t let go or you will be scolded. But even though our time together was short I still have the memories and photos to always look back on and cherish.
    Requiescat in Pace Dad.

  15. William Hawksworth says:

    Hey there Glenn, long time no speak, we spent a lot of time together a couple of decades ago, you taught me a lot, some of the things I wish you hadn’t … I took your beloved Valiant and restored it just to lose it myself… You were a character that was fearful of little and fearless when needed and smart enough to know the difference. It’s a shame you were taken too soon and I feel for your family and friends, I’ll never forget of days of tearing down fences together with your little dolley you made and driving home looking for opportunities to shut of the ignition, gas it up and drop a massive backfire that you perfectly timed whilst passing pedestrians. You were a clown and a larrikin and impacted on everyone you came into contact with… Sleep Well

  16. kris bagley says:

    Rest in peace mate hope you are stirring a few up and getting into trouble like always up there hope its green up there for you see ya when i get up there mate

  17. May Pratt says:

    Rest in peace Glenn, will miss our chats whenever we bumped into each other down the street. Deepest condolences to your family ♡

  18. Leah Retallick says:

    My memories of you…where do I start? Such a simple bloke, someone who didn’t want for much and definitely someone with many talents. It’s a shame you didn’t get the opportunity to be able to share your talents with many more people. Some of the projects I saw you do over the years…paint the woody, fibreglass the boat, help make some push carts for energy breakthrough for the school I taught at, build the hut, just to name a few. You would always be able to do what ever it was you set your mind to.
    I know I could always rely on you and you would always be there. We didn’t always see eye to eye but no daughter in law-father in law relationship could be perfect.
    We’ve shared many awesome camping holidays on the river where you shared your love for water skiing and persisted with teaching me how to ski. ‘Leah the skier’ you would call out! We were a great ski team. Some would think I was the blood Retallick. Haha!
    I will always treasure our holiday to Alice Springs too, where we took off one night and drove 23 hours straight, all taking in turns driving. I remember swerving kangaroos and feeling completely safe driving in the HT Brougham. It just gripped to the road no matter how fast we went. I remember driving over 200kms along the de-restricted stretch of road between Port Augusta and Alice. Don’t stop for anyone and don’t travel on that road at night we were advised! And in true Glenn Retallick style, we did everything we were told not to! But that’s when more unforgettable memories were made… stopping and helping out some aboriginal people on the side of the road outside of Uluru and then that night on our way back home when a light came out of no where and just captured our attention, speechless we were. Aliens? An unidentifiable object? We’re still unsure what it was that night. Min Min lights according to an Aboriginal folktale? What ever it was, it sucked all of the petrol out of the car and left us stranded!
    Other memories…rally driving at camp, your cooking, DC (your dog), many Southern 80s, rapping on the banks of Echuca and being Snoop dogs prodigy- Shit Dog (you were always just so quick witted)! And of course always having someone by your side- Danny, Stouds, Gook! You were also the richest poor man. Always there for your mates and always willing to lend a hand.
    I want to thank you for all of the good times and for all of your love and support over the years. It was hard seeing you suffer at the end. I’m just happy to know that you’re now in peace looking over us. I know you’ll be watching over us and protecting us forever. Leah xx

  19. Lorena says:

    Glenn, I have many memories that start way back in my teenage years. I remember hanging out with Julie at Lenny & Marie’s place many a time, you were always there tinkering on some car or project you had going in the shed or kicking our ass at pool. Then the xmas and NY river trips, well they were aways a time to remember.
    Your wild and carefree nature was admired by many. You were always there to roll up your sleeves and help and always up for a chat and a laugh. You will be missed Glenn, but never forgotten. X
    RIP mate

  20. Jayne Cook says:

    My Deepest Condolences to all the Family such a sad loss Glenn, will always remember your wonderful funny stories, all the good times we have had over the years best was out the block in Campbells Creek with the rally cars lol, they were the good days, fly high now at peace & amp; out of pain gonna miss that smile xoxo

  21. Martika Cook says:

    Oh Glenn.. where do I even start! Your smile and laugh was so infectious I will never forget all the weekends spent out on the block rallying the cars and having hours of fun out there with everyone or the the days you would come riding past on your motorised bike proud as punch that you didn’t have to pedal much to get up the hill but you always stopped for a chat and no matter what we spoke about you were smiling and making me laugh always. I’m glad I ran into you down the street before you left this cruel world! RIP mate you will be missed by many x

  22. Tina Jo says:

    Glenn with double n, you did not like the sound of your own voice, your voice made me melt, the world stood still finding each other held there in your arms joined together as one. I loved your logic, you called me lefty (affectionately) you showed me your way of living bush yet cut down short of being able to live our dream. You are my dream of a man come true, how you allowed me to express myself, telling how I should do it more effectively lol. Your way was usually better, you are the Ying to my Yang, TiltD twin to our flame that will be eternally burning. My love with You never to be extinguished.

  23. Melissa, Tim and Tom says:

    Rest In Peace Glenn

  24. Cory Churchill says:

    Rip Glenn! Definitely a man with a care free attitude and one of the biggest hearts around! Never forget the time up on the river camping when you told me to come for a drive with you in your wagon only get in and find there were no seets but the drivers seat and I don’t even think that was a proper seet hahaha
    Absolute legend you were mate and will not be forgotten!

  25. Sylvia says:

    It’s been years since we last saw each other but have thought of you
    I remember you living with me in Springvale for awhile before you decided to head to Castlemaine
    You sent up the bungalow with everything that just amazed me
    RIP glen I was shocked to hear of your sad exiting from your family
    But you taught Cameron so many different things for his life as your mind worked in over draft
    You will be missed by many

  26. Helmet siggy. says:

    Sad to see this, hadn’t seen you since all the crazy stuff we used to get up to in Springvale & Noble park, i see you had a full life, sad to see it ended this way.
    Your old friend & accomplice to much fun. R.I.P. Glen Helmet. S

  27. Graeme Beith says:

    Uncle Glenn I use to call u.
    To your response would be cousin Glenn.
    The memories we shared from the early days of sitting around u in the lounge room of our faraday home watching u make bubbles.
    To the days I spent with you and ya son out at fryerstown rallying cars then fixing it just so we can drive it again to bloke who was always up for a chat and to share his advise on anything and everything so many awesome memories I will keep forever
    U will be missed always cuz
    #uncky Glenn

  28. Jackie McLean says:

    To all the Retallick family, my heart breaks for you all. You were my family growing up and I love each and everyone of you. May the love and support from family and friends help you through this sad time

  29. Joy&Doug Ott says:

    Glenn, your battle is over but you will always be remembered x💖Joy&Doug.

  30. Joy&Doug Ott says:

    Glenn, it is hard to think that you are not here with us all, you will be missed but not forgotten xx💖Joy&Doug.

  31. Crystal Kaiser says:

    Condolences to the Retallick family, thinking of you all at this sad time.
    I have many years of memories with Glenn 😭a long friendship, where do I start, from days out at camp rallying the Escort and Toyota crown until windscreens were smashed and getting cars bogged when getting fire wood. Your Nick name for me was the Dairy maiden because I lived on a Dairy farm and I remember you painting our HQ silver out in the paddock, Driving your HT Brougham was a absolute dream what a machine that thing was, Phoebe’s baby seat tidied in the back seat lol. When Phoebe was little and you’d visit she’d say “mum wizard man is here” , when we recently saw you she said oh I remember him that wizard man such a funny bugger, you’ve always made her smile and laugh. I remember stories you’d tell and how you were such a great camp cook. We all Loved days out at camp with you and always had a blast. You will always remain in our hearts and memories forever Glenn ❤️. I’ll never forget our friendship over the years.
    You are pain free now my friend.
    Hope it’s Greener over there Buddy
    RIP Glenn

    Love Crystal and Phoebe Kaiser 💜

  32. Grant Davidson says:

    I was just the grub kid from down the road,you were always kind to me Glen,rest in peace man,Grunt

  33. Trevor Taggerts Carpets says:

    We send our condolences to the Retallick family. We admired Glenn for his unique personality and he enabled Cameron to keep working in his early contracting days. R.I.P.

  34. Kristy Agrimi says:

    Uncle Glenn,
    I will always remember your long dark hair and how much you loved it. It was your pride and Joy!
    You were a very smart man who enjoyed the simple things in life. Something we should all do more of. You put up such a strong fight and now you can Rest In Peace. Please give Nan a hug and kiss from me. Love always Kristy xo 💙

  35. Emma Retallick says:

    Glenn you had a heart of gold, and we have a HUGE spot in our hearts for you. You always had time for us and a chat. Mason, Ryder and Willow loved uncle Glenn and we know you loved them just as much. Always one of the first visitors we had, when bringing them into the world. Best one was when we had Mason, walking into the Indian ladies room grabbing the Indian ladies baby and saying gee his tanned his got the Retallick skin, only for us to tell you, um Glenn that’s not our baby 🤣.
    Also many southern 80 trips, taking your shopping basket getting everyone’s goodies left even me some thongs. The nick name squirtal 🤣🤣
    Love you lots Glenn, you will never be forgotten love always Dot 😘😘
    Rest easy mate, you put up a massive fight 😘

  36. Babs Smith says:

    Where does one start with such a life of a legend … you, along with Dale, Lenny and Marie entered our world again, in Starsky and Hutch style, but in buses, as my late parents ventured outside of Echuca limits building Riverlander Caravan Park.
    I recall so many amazing and crazy times following you guys around…campfires, swimming, camp kitchen cook ups, nights spent in the recreation room, crankin the tunes, shooting some pool, tilting the pinnies.. I even think I may have whipped your butt several times sitting, playing the Space Invaders machine, but according to you, that only happened because ‘you don’t sit down much, ya get restless and lose concentration’ well never a truer a word there, you were forever going walkabout (hiding) and then Heather would bring out the car with the amplifier and demand you come home. .. “Glenn Retallick you have to the count of 3″…funny how you always got, 1, 2, 2 1/2, 2 3/4 and we got 3…. go figure favorite one or like when you would saunter in to the park shop, with your cool interrupted 80’s style swagger and charm mum( Heather) in to giving you extra lollies or the odd free ice cream … smoother than a baby’s bum dad (Ern) would say, and hey he was right… you were a man of many words, when required or a man of a select few, but whatever you would say in long or short, you had charm and the ability to woo all the females, no matyer the age xx
    You have always been special to me, have always loved you and forever you will be entwined in my heart. I was saddened to learn of your passing, the tears I cry for you are sacred, you are in my heart, in my thoughts, in my life always. I’ll look for you among the stars and each dawns pastel sky. I’ll whisper words to you, but never say goodbye. Thank you for making so many ordinary moments growing up, extraordinary… my childhood with you was filled with many memorable moments that I will cherish with love and mischievous smiles n giggles ♡ xx

    ♡ A limb has fallen from the family tree that says grieve not for me. Remember the best times, the laughter, the songs, the good life he lived while he was strong ♡

    ● What’s in the name of Glenn Retallick
    Gorgeous and Generous
    Loveable and Laid back
    Eccentric and Efficient
    No nonsense and Natural
    Nostalgic and Naughty

    Rebel and Resourceful
    Exuberant and Empathetic
    Trustworthy and Tenacious
    Admirable and Adventurous
    Likeable and Lively
    Loyal and Lean
    Impartial and Inventive
    Cheeky and Compassionate
    Kind and Kooky

    ♡ Eternal love, entwined, until we meet again Glenn xx heaven has just been ignited

Funeral Details

At the request of the family, a private service was held.