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in memory of

Brooke Simone Roberts

Brooke Simone Roberts

8th August 1980 - 25th March 2021


Our beautiful Brooke with her Gracie;

she fought cancer bravely for 5 years…now at peace.


A private cremation has been held


4 responses to “Brooke Simone Roberts”

  1. Karen Wilson says:

    A special little girl came in to our lives
    A cute button nose, and big brown eyes
    Were angels at work, from that very day ?
    You, melted our hearts, and we asked you to stay.

    Sisters and nieces we all grew as one,
    facing challenges together, and whatever else came along.
    Treasured times together, we had so much fun.
    So many hearts…, have won.

    You are adored by the littlies,
    You have shown them so much love
    They WILL, grow up knowing you are looking over them from above.

    Oh the places you have gone, the things you have done and the people you have met, are second to none.

    And your beauty …… oh your beauty!
    So fair and perfect.
    Your chic, and classy, so poised with style.
    …… and NO ONE will ever forget, that beautiful smile.

    You opened your heart and let the angels in.
    They have been there with you, the whole way through.
    So may your angels now guide you,
    To a place beautiful and bright,
    Where the struggles of each day, you no longer have to fight.

    So many things, of you, to treasure
    So many things…. all beyond measure.

    To my gorgeous little sis.
    I hope you felt the love in the rooms as we farewelled you. …
    Leaving mum and dads
    At the cremation,and
    At your beautiful Celebration of Life.

    So many of us have had feathers and butterflies stopping us in our tracks, where we are feeling you very close xo

  2. Bailey Wilson says:

    A special someone who meant the world to many, spread so much joy and will always remain a ray of sunshine to all she touched. Bless you Brookey Love Buzz

  3. Tenille O’Shannassy says:

    To my much-loved soul sister Brookie…

    In life, you find a special friend.
    Someone who changes your life just by being part of it.
    Someone who makes you laugh until you cannot stop.
    Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world, despite their own hardships.
    Someone who convinces you that there is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open.
    This is a forever friendship.

    And to quote your words… you wrote:
    I feel you near me, even when we are apart
    Just knowing you are in this world, can warm my heart
    Friends for life, not just a summer or a spring
    Amigos para siempre
    Means you’ll always be my friend
    Amics per sempre
    Means a love that cannot end
    Friends for life.

    Beautiful Brookie, I know I have quoted you because I am still struggling to put into words my heartache, the numbness of the thought of never seeing your beautiful face and smile, to not hug you and to not hear you voice say “love you” at the end of every conversation ever again.

    I know I am supposed to keep this short, but in true Brooke organising fashion, you gave another ‘direction’ to read a ‘condensed’ version of one of the voice memos I sent you over the past few weeks… so here it goes.

    Hey gorgeous girl,

    I know this will seem strange only having me speak and not adding your commentary in Brookie pizzazz, but at least you can tune out or turn me off if I waffle on too much.

    You gave me a book of quotes called “Thank you to a real friend.” The books says…

    Your smile is the best medicine of all.

    Your smile, darling girl, always lights up any boring room, a bland conversation, or a shitty day. And of course your smile became bigger and brighter with every glass of bubbles we shared.

    The book also says, When you need to talk, there are the times when only my friend will do.

    Back in the day, we talked about the excitement of talking to boys, the date stories…
    Then we matured a little bit, and we talked about our career achievements, and frustrations with corporate politics.
    Loving our furbabies like humans.
    Sharing with you the surprise news of being pregnant – what a shock that was.
    And of course, our love for high heels and fashion!

    We shared adventures & travels to Bali… riding bikes, trying to take selfies in the tuk tuk, and sharing too many cocktails together.

    Working at Colonial, where we first met, and you, being my bridesmaid, I was so proud and grateful to have you by my side.

    Celebrating nearly every birthday together, even our dogs’ birthdays for goodness sake… you’d think we are crazy dog ladies!

    These are memories treasured forever.

    Thank you for being such a loving and compassionate human being.
    For being my partner in crime and for being a precious gem… of course, a big rare expensive one!

    Brooke, my soul sister, this is not goodbye…
    Because when I look up at the sun, I will remember your radiant smile;
    When I see the rain fall, I will remember you dancing in the rain;
    When I feel the wind blow, I know you are near; and
    When I hear a bottle of champagne POP, I know you are saying cheers from above with your beautiful angel wings.

    Love you bella
    Amigos para siempre
    Amics per sempre
    Friends for life.

  4. Amie and Hayden says:

    When tomorrow starts without you
    And Your not here to see
    If the sun should rise and find our eyes filled with tears and misery

    Though You wouldn’t want us to cry
    The way we did today
    While thinking of the many things we did not get to say.
    You’d want the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun
    With happy memories you leave behind
    And everything you’ve done
    You know how much we love you
    As much as you love us.

    When tomorrow starts with out you
    We’ll try to understand
    That an angel came and called your name
    And took you by the hand

    The angel said your place was ready
    In heaven far above
    And That You had to leave behind
    All those You Dearly Love

    So Each Day that starts without you
    We know we’re not apart
    For every time we think of you
    Your right here in our heart

    This poem I wrote for your dearest nieces and nephews to read, now a keepsake for the future they face without you in it. Our time with you was a blessing and your memories we will carry with us forever ❤️

Funeral Details

At the request of the family, a private service was held.