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in memory of

Christopher ‘Kit’ Morris

Christopher ‘Kit’ Morris

31st January 1930 - 30th May 2020


Kit died on 30th May 2020, aged 90.

Much loved husband of Helen, father of Susie, Celia and Megan,

grandfather of Claire, Tom, Guy, Sam and Will.


A service was held on Saturday 6th June 2020 at 1.30pm in the Chapel of Mount Alexander Funerals, Castlemaine.    

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2 responses to “Christopher ‘Kit’ Morris”

  1. Caitlin Patterson says:

    Kit was warm, intelligent, full of life and of course very entertaining & humorous. Kit & Helen both welcomed me into their home when Mil & I were at University together and I will always remember him with great fondness.

  2. Simon Hewitt (nephew) says:

    Dear Helen, Susie, Celia and Megan … what can I say. As Fay’s oldest child and Kit’s first nephew or niece, and therefore first of the next generation to follow him, I watched the funeral and was with you in spirit and, as best as I could be (at this distance from London in the UK) I was also with you in person. Tears come to my eyes as I write this, tears of warmth and love for Kit and you all. I have such fond memories of my wonderful Uncle who first came into my life when I slept in his bed aged 7, after I returned to the UK from Pakistan, in his room full of navel trinkets from all over the world, in the attic at The Old Croft. He had a small sword of some sort that Granafer said he slept with under his pillow in case anyone attacked him in the middle of the night … haha … a more unlikely scenario one could not possibly imagine in sleepy Buntingford. So … guess what … I did too! It was so thrilling … and I almost hoped someone would attack me in the middle of the night, as they would get a big surprise when I drew out his sword … haha! But they never did … more’s the pity! And so my life with Kit began. There was a picture of him, smiling with a glint in his eye, in naval uniform in the room. He was my glamorous, handsome, smiling, charming Uncle and my favourite relative by a long way of that generation. And he is the last of my direct older relative … and of course I am so sad that I did not manage to visit him once again before he has left us all. But he will remain with me for the rest of my life. I think of Kit often particularly if I ever go anywhere near Pangbourne or to Hertfordshire. If any of his and your extended family of any generation, young or old, come to England please feel free to contact me and, if you like, we can go to visit Buntingford, a charming village, where we can view The Old Croft, and perhaps look for frogs-spawn in the nearby river as I did as a child. If we feel brave … which I usually do … we might knock on the door and ask to look at Kit’s room and also the ‘owl’s cave’ .., which is another story I will tell any of you when I see you. Uncle Kit was a wonderful man and he has a beautiful, warm family and I love you all. With lots of love from, dare I say it, Uncle Simon xx

Funeral Details

6th June 2020 at 1:30 PM