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in memory of

Claudia Frances Firth

Claudia Frances Firth

11th March 1999 - 1st October 2021


"Have courage and be kind"

-Cinderella (2015)


Claudia died peacefully surrounded by family at the Austin Hospital at 22 years of age.

She continues to be loved from afar by her mum (Kerstin), dad (Shane),

big sister (Danica), twin brother (Jasper), older sister (Sarah), brother-in-law (Matt), sister-in-law (Sheridan),

dog (Eddy), cats (Cleo & Neville), and countless others. 


Claudia is such a bright, powerful soul, and she made everyone who met her a better person. She is extremely playful and cheeky, and she loved to play Barbies, board games, video games, and many silly made-up family games. Claudia was a wonderful artist; she loved designing fashions, colouring in, and practicing her handwriting. She has always brought people together and loved to party - her singing, dancing and DJ skills are unmatched!

However, it is her compassion and kindness that made everyone she met fall in love with her.

Her dream job was to sing lullabies to sick babies and pets, she took delicate care of her 8 baby dolls each day,

and she was ALWAYS there when her family needed her.


Claudia was cremated privately on 8th October 2021 (on a "Free-day Friday" - her favourite day of the week).

A celebration of her life will be held by Claudia's family in November, and we plan to make it a fabulous party full of music and colour.

It will be live-streamed for those who are unable to attend. Further details still to be decided and will be placed here when available.

Please feel free to write a tribute below - whether you knew Claudia or not.


"Just think love"

-Claudia Firth


13 responses to “Claudia Frances Firth”

  1. Claire Sherlock says:

    Memories of My darling Aussie Daughter Claudia.
    From the first time we met at playgroup, going walkabout with Ollie, the awesome halloween parties, you had to be the pirate coz gabe was too skinny and you insisted on being toad from Wind in the Willows. Going to the movies hiding under the screen and throwing maltesers everywhere, the pool with the deep end parties, the Friday karaoke parties when you would sing the darkness for me and for England, doing the lime and the coconut with midnight margaritas, forever putting gabe in monster house when he annoyed you, playing hide and hide, watching the same movie on repeat for months at a time, your Barbie collection, your babies, new one chippies, smarties, Nutella toast, arts and crafts, singing as loud as possible without a care while we would play ‘guess the song’ your amazing dancing, your beautiful handwriting and perfect colouring inside the lines, playing board games, ‘almost’ sleepovers, being Uber.
    The memories are endless and you will continue being in our memories forever.
    Fly high my Beautiful Aussie Princess
    Claire Sherlock

  2. Michelle Pettifer says:

    My beautiful goddaughter, words will never describe how I feel or the whole that’s left in my heart 💜 you will always be in my heart and thoughts and prayers and I will love you forever and always 💜💜💜
    Your Godmother Michelle

  3. The Wights says:

    Claudia brought much joy into our lives. How she loved her costume parties, board games and just hanging out as a family! We’ll always remember her as Ariel and Tiana. There are so many Claudiaisms that have entered our family’s vocabulary. We were blessed to have her in our lives and will remember her fondly “all the days”.
    The Wights

  4. Ann Lethaus says:

    Claudia, you were put on this earth to teach us how to love, you bravely fought a battle, but you chose the stairway to heaven
    I wish I’d got to know you years ago but only met you once,
    You left an inprint in my heart which I will never let go.
    Always in my heart.
    Ann Lethaus

  5. Wendy Saly says:

    Darling Claudia,
    Your Mum and I have been friends since primary school and although we have never met, I have loved watching you grow up on Facebook.
    Loving you from the moment I saw you.
    Knowing you’re fierce, proud mama would protect you and love you fiercely.
    You bought so much joy to my life.
    Rest in Paradise beautiful Fairy Princess Claudia.
    You will live in my heart, always xxx

  6. Kayla Sheridan says:

    Claudia Frances Firth has bought a lot of joy for those around her.
    No words can explain how much I’m going to miss her.
    When I first moved schools to Peninsula Specialist College back in 2014, I really wanted to have some lifelong friendships and Claudia was one of them.
    We were inseparable and we always hanged out with each other when we went to the same school everyday.
    When she lived in Dromana and Rosebud, we had so many catch-ups and sleepovers about every 2 weeks, and we also partied hard and we couldn’t stop singing and dancing together.
    When she moved to Craigieburn and Bendigo, it was so hard to see each other everyday because our houses were a few hours away from each other, we always tried to catch up and have sleepovers on the holidays whenever we can.
    I’m so grateful for her family to let me stay with her for a few nights.
    When I had a bad day, she has always stick up for me and always there for me to talk to her.
    We really loved going shopping together, going to the movies together, and going to parties.
    I love you so much and you have always been one of my best friends I’ve ever had.
    My heart breaks when you’re gone.
    I’ll always remember you hun and our friendship is still here in my heart.
    We are still there together even when we are apart, until we meet again.
    I’m going to miss you so much and I can still talk to you when I look up at the stars.
    From Kayla Sheridan ♥️

  7. Oliver Ryan says:

    Every memory I have of seeing Claudia is filled with pure joy.
    It was never a dull moment with her around, and she always made any occasion more fun with such an inspiring enthusiasm. Whether we were playing board or party games, dancing or listening to her karaoke skills, she was a one of kind presence that always made me smile.
    Thank you Claudia for the passion you showed in everything you loved.

  8. Miranda dale-barnao says:

    To a beautiful angel,
    We heard the news, you were spreading your wings and ready to fly away, our hearts sank, someone so young, doesn’t feel fair, loved one’s In despair, hearts broken, your time wasn’t spared, the heavens above poured with rain, as if they knew the pain, you were loved, by all who knew you, now continued to be loved by your memories, that will forever live on, that smile, we will hold in our hearts, the joy you brought to all your friends and family, we will not forget you Claudia ❤. Forever you will live on, in our hearts, memories and thoughts.
    Bless you, beautiful angel, forever loved
    Miranda Dale-Barnao xxx

  9. Lilly barnao says:

    Dearest Claudia,
    Claudia I miss you very much,
    You were very kind and loyal,
    You always took good care of me and you were always there for your family and friends, just always remember that you are loved, and never ever forget that, you are strong.
    I love you Claudia.
    lots of love Lilly xx

  10. Kathy White says:

    I was writing a message for Claudia but this came through:

    The twinkles in the night sky sometimes work as one
    to guide home the faerie souls for when their earthly work is done
    “No.” said the faerie queen, with her visage of sparkling gold
    My family, I am with you, connected soul to soul
    our work must take a different form with support from way up high
    we brave the future together with the faerie kingdom by your side
    support each other well and walk in the faerie light
    so the future will remember us as those who loved most bright
    🕊🧚‍♀️👩‍❤️‍👩🌺💞 xxoo

  11. lianne firth says:

    It’s with a saddened heart, we didn’t get to see you. Now your beautiful smile and memories from the past, are all we have left in our hearts. We deeply love you and always admire your strength. Your ability to never judge and except everyone for themselves. Rest in peace Angel. May the angels always dance with you honey. Love your Nanna and your Auntie’s Lianne and Lisa. Plus all the cousins who love you so much.
    God Bless, in spirit and soul. 💔💔
    Lianne Firth

  12. Carla says:

    Claudia, what an honour to have met you and to have cared for you. You certainly made me fall in love with you, in a heart beat. I won’t ever forget our cuddles. May you rest in peace.

  13. Simone says:

    Dear Claudia
    How will we remember you? A truly Lovable girl with a Big heart, A big smile & surrounded by an aura of magic, love & rainbows of colour. You leave us too soon.

    I’m sorry you never had your dream wedding.

    You would light up the room with your smile and be ever so cheeky at times . You impressed me so much.

    The craft pieces you made were nothing short of amazing, I’m sure you taught your mum a thing or two!

    Walking into your Barbie village would astound me! What creativity, and sense of love fun & magic you would portray through them.

    I had the privilege of sharing a room with your baby dolls for a few nights one Easter visit. They were the best kept babies in town!
    I thoroughly enjoyed that weekend with you guys.

    My earliest memories were with you playing for hours with my kids. Dolls & dress ups & many more games with kirra. Watching Jesse making you laugh so hard you could barely catch a breathe. So many more Memories they would hold.

    You always made us feel welcome in your home and gave great hugs! You were very generous with a big heart of pure gold. You were always appreciative of gifts you were given. You had lovely old fashioned gratitude and manners!

    You will never be forgotten, you were bright, beautiful, cheerful, intelligent, fun and lovable. You will be sorely missed by anyone whom had the pleasure of knowing you. Bill didn’t have the pleasure Of knowing you for long or very well but he knew how special you were.

    Fly high Angel!

    With ever lasting love from Sim, Bill & our family

Funeral Details

At the request of the family, a private service was held.