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in memory of

John ‘Jack’ Carolan

John ‘Jack’ Carolan

7th November 1926 - 21st October 2021


Died peacefully at Castlemaine.

Wife June (dec), partner Sally, children: Terry, Steven, Lynette, Gabrielle, Louisa and Rosemary. 

All loved by Jack. 

A life lived with truth to his own spirit. Memories will endure. 


Our thanks to Ellery House for their wonderful care.


A funeral service was held for Jack on Tuesday (26th October) at the Guildford Cemetery.

Funeral Livestream


31 responses to “John ‘Jack’ Carolan”

  1. Michael Carter says:

    I remember Jack fondly as a warm, compassionate man who held to strong principles and had a great concern for the environment. He served well in his role as volunteer Treasurer for the Independent Living Skills project. His cheeky, subtle sense of humour was constant and he was always acknowledging the achievements of others.
    I am blessed to have known and worked alongside of him.
    Michael Carter

  2. Patricia Gringel says:

    In memory of John “Jack “Carolan

    Rest now Jack in the everlasting arms of our Heavenly Father and Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the Angels and Saints to be Blessed with sublime peace and love Amen.
    Patricia Gringel

  3. Amy says:

    Sending all our best wishes. Grandjack we loved you so much and will never forget you.

  4. Helen and Bob says:

    Dear Jack, from Williamstown to Castlemaine we admired the love and loyalty between you and Sally. The many shared interests of family, friends and travel and of course the fading health always supported by Sally. There will always be a space in our hearts for those memories. A life truly well lived with love.
    Helen and Bob.

  5. Peter and Barry says:

    Dear gentle Jack. So sorry to see you go, but you are probably in a better space enjoying the closure of your life. We enjoyed having you at our Opera meetings over the years and know that you really appreciated being there. You also played a neat hand at bridge with U3A in days gone by. We will miss you, but still have Sally to remember you.
    Vale Jack
    Peter and Barry.

  6. Jane Buck says:

    Jack and Sally were among the first people I met when I arrived in Castlemaine. We met regularly at U3A functions and Jack and I had interests in common including classical music mornings with Peter Morris, gardening and particularly I enjoyed partnering him at Bridge. I would have loved to have known Jack in earlier days, he was always such a gentleman and his warmth and smile would light up a room. My love and good wishes to Sally who cared for him to the end.
    Jane Buck.

  7. Fiona Gringel says:

    We remember Jack as always so warm and welcoming to our family, with a warm smile, a joke or two and so full of generosity. God bless his soul and peace to all the family he leaves behind.

  8. Sue Inglis says:

    Dear Jack, What a wonderful, long, interesting and full life you led. My first fond memories go back to Blackburn and then through the many years since then. You were always so incredibly kind, warm and generous and made me feel very special and loved whenever I visited you and Sally. I remember you stoking the lovely wood fire on so many Wintery days, making your home so welcoming, cosy and cheerful. Your cheeky sense of humour always bubbled away and you always knew how to put a smile on my dial! You were a true gentleman in every way, were so knowledgeable and such a doer of the world, contributing and making a difference in the community in so many ways and touching so many people’s lives. Thank you for your love, your incredible spirit and for so many happy memories. Big hugs to you as always, Sue

  9. Debbie & Charles Timms says:

    Our dear friend Jack was one of life’s most wonderful and interesting gentleman who lived a full and adventurous life.
    With over 30 years of wonderful memories of happy times shared with Jack & Sally he will be warmly remembered as a fabulous conversationalist and a passionate and dedicated conservationist.
    It was always a joy to see Jack and Sally together and we will miss Jack’s great sense of fun, adventure and his wonderful warm smile.

  10. Rick Simms says:

    One of natures true gentleman!
    A warm smile for all, a quiet intelligence that was shared, not put forward and a calmness are just some of the beautiful qualities and values that Jack had.
    One could learn so much from Jack, not in what he said but by the way he acted and approached people with honesty and openness!
    I still to this day fondly reflect on a sunny afternoon where Lucy’s Birthday party was being held at our home.
    That afternoon whilst Sally, Helen and Sue chased children around the garden and house and talked ten to a dozen, Jack and I took ‘leave’ to a corner on our Deck where we had a couch to rest up our feet.

    For an hour or so, Jack and I quietly talked about many things, old and new! We smiled often as we could hear Sally, Helen and Sue laughing with the happy ‘sweet chasing’ children on some treasure hunt in the backyard garden. I still hear Jack’s quiet voice go ‘oh dear, hear them all’ and with that he would break out into the broadest grin, content and happy to know that others were smiling and laughing.

    To this day I treasure that one to one time with Jack. We didn’t talk for the full hour, we didn’t need to. For us a nod of the head, a laugh as we heard the party goers enjoying themselves was enough! In that moment the quietness said more than words. We felt comfortable to just sit and smile, no words needed to be exchanged.

    Sally, Helen, Jo and families I am TOU and the loss of one of natures true gentleman!

  11. Joy & Philip Graves says:

    Our tribute to Jack is filled with gratitude and admiration for his lifelong commitment to protection of the natural environment.
    His many years as a volunteer with Ceres and Landcare will be long remembered.
    His joy of tennis which he shared with Sally brought many new friends when they retired to Castlemaine.
    We valued his friendship above all else, his wide smile, his engaging eyes, his shared values, impromptu speeches and his love of a good whiskey.
    May he rest in peace among the trees and wildflowers of his final resting place.
    Joy and Philip Graves

  12. Joy, Michael, Vivien, Erica, Fiona & Julia. says:

    The members of the former ILS Project remember Jack as our volunteer treasurer, who with good humour, passion and competence steered the Project in the right direction over many years.
    His attention to detail is what every organisation requires to thrive and grow!
    His pleasure of life was shared with us all.
    Thank you Jack.
    Joy, Michael, Vivien, Erica, Fiona and Julia

  13. Marion Taubman & Harvey Jacka says:

    Jack and Sally were so welcoming when Harvey and I first came to Castlemaine and contributed to many fond memories over the years.
    We will miss you and your warm smile and your inclusion of us in many activities.
    Thank you.
    We send our love to Sally and family members left behind.
    Marion and Harvey

  14. John Watkins says:

    Jack, what an irascible socialist you were.
    I miss those Scotch fuelled sessions on Friday evenings, when the worlds affairs came into the studio and were tossed about and spat out again after another Jack and John Putsch to sort it all out.
    A wonderful and varied life you led, and to salute you I will be getting out the 18 year old on Tuesday afternoon, to drink to your memory.
    VALE Jack
    John Watkins

  15. Anne and Herman Sibbel says:

    A lover of life, of a life so well lived, a life of many lives
    A sense of social justice forged through Intelligence and empathy
    Twinkling blue eyes the clue to his heritage
    With a smile barely veiling his impish sense of humour
    Kind, gracious and generous
    So keenly interested in others, a listener to all.
    Extending genuine care for those he loved, heartfelt and deep,
    Embracing everyone new to his circle with sincerity and warmth
    Leaving a space so rich with memories, to be treasured by them
    At peace now

  16. Ailsa Carolan says:

    I have fond memories of Jack, when Gary and Peter were young, spending time at Williamstown. We then had many fond memories at Castlemaine, playing games of bocce at their court at home. Jack and Sally would take us on lots of adventures around Castlemaine and surrounding towns. We enjoyed our chats sitting outside looking over the forest and having lovely dinners outside in the courtyard. These memories will always be cherished.

  17. Liz Mundell says:

    Dear dear Jack,
    A kind and generous man, always there with a helping hand and support when needed.
    I have enjoyed your company and robust conversation over many a lovely meal and glass of wine (well mine was wine – yours scotch).
    A life well lived.
    You will be loved and missed always.
    Love Liz, Tina, Jim and Jayne.

  18. Tony Kuypers says:

    Dear Sally, my thoughts and best wishes are with you and my sincere hope is that the wonderful memories of life with Jack support you and the family in the coming days and weeks.
    Tony Kuypers (Barry and Peter’s friend)

  19. Peter Carolan says:

    My dearest Grandad.
    I’ll remember those childhood memories of Williamstown, the beach and botanical gardens, how you mad me feel safe and brought out my intrigue with the natural world.
    I would always look forward to the holidays when our family would make the trip up to Castlemaine, arriving to be greeted by the dog Hannah as we opened the gate.
    The days were filled with adventure as we would walk, cycle and drive exploring Castlemaine and the surrounding townships. I’ll treasure the dinners we had on those summer nights.
    You would fetch the binoculars’ and we would watch the kangaroos in the paddocks as the sun set.
    A glimpse into your life was revealed in the book by Castlemaine residents ‘As if it were yesterday’ and your commentary highlighted your strong character, charm and your strength rising to each challenge.
    Truly blessed to have you as my Grandad.
    Love you Grandad, Rest now.

  20. Joanna Kaptein says:

    Dear Jack and GrandJack,
    Always kinds, always generous always funny, you’ve been a huge part of our lives.
    Your doughty spirit, determination and grit was leavened by a heavy dollop of fun and humour.
    I remember the joy you brought to my Mum when you’re relationship with her started to blossom and the playing of lots of Beatles and Beach boys. That was such a different vibe for us as family and was very welcome.
    You cared so much for Alex and treated him like one of your own, always with kindness, humour and love.
    We will remember you with love and fondness.
    We are glad you found peace and accepted death with such dignity, just like the gentleman you were at your core.
    With love and many fond memories, Jo and Alex xx

  21. Heidi M says:

    Jack- you will be sadly missed.
    You were one of the worlds true gentleman.
    A kind and thoughtful man who cared for everyone around him.
    Your special bond with canine friend Hannah was lovely and you both enjoyed many bush explorations.
    I will miss the visits to Spencly house, Ellery and the big tree .
    Much love Heidi and James x

  22. Kate Harrison says:

    We remember Jack’s twinkling eye’s and his quick sense of humour.
    Always ready with a compliment and always interested in our lives.
    All our love from your Kiwi rellies – Kate, Woo, Harry and Gus.

  23. Helen says:

    You can now rest Jack. And what a view you have! Thank you for your constancy, your support, your interest and your love. I can think of many cups of coffee you have bought me, but more than those were the conversations that went with that ritual and the time and space you made for them. You were devoted to Sally and encouraged her every endeavour. You sure knew how to back up her projects like the farmers market, working bees and the many committees she is always on! We also knew of your deep love for your family. Thank you for the love and kindness you always showed to Lucinda; the way you have bolstered and affirmed her every step is part of the village I have always wanted for her. When I was a keen young tennis player you hit many practice balls for me and shared your love of bands like the Eagles, Dire Straits and the Beach Boys that were all new and fun for us. As I have learnt more and more about your life, I respect your impact and achievements; delivering telegrams as a young boy all around Sydney on your bicycle, building your own home, teaching at CERES, writing your Masters thesis, and your knowledge and interest in geology and Shakespeare mixed in with Aussie Rules! You have been so brave in recent years yet your sweet side prevailed. Love you Granjack!
    Love Helen

  24. Peter Gringel says:

    I only knew Jack in the later years of his life. Always generous and a gentleman.
    You’ll be missed.
    Peter Gringel.

  25. Ruth MacLaren says:

    Lovely memories of bocce with Jack and Sally and always a warm welcome. Much love to Sally and family.
    Ruth MacLaren

  26. Diana Hughes says:

    Dear Jack,
    I won’t forget your tenacious spirit and constant reminders I was driving too fast when you and Sal visited me in the Northern Rivers from the 1980’s on! But you had been a good driver, and eventually an influencer on my attitudes to land care and the environment.
    You were a truly lucky man to have enjoyed such a long and healthy life with the love and unflagging support of my beautiful cousin Sally and her daughters.
    We’ll miss you.
    Diana Hughes

  27. Nea Gyorffy says:

    We pay tribute to Jack a true gentleman, humble and thoughtful, caring and generous, great and tireless contributor to the community. Deepest sympathy to Sally, Helen, Jo, Lucinda, Alex and all his family. Lots of love, hugs and kisses.
    Nea and Tom

  28. Alana says:

    I knew Jack briefly from one stage of his working life. He was just about the only salesman I ever looked forward to seeing. Always honest and considerate, never pushy. As others have said, a true gentleman. It was a great pleasure then to see Jack around town when I moved to Castlemaine many years later. No matter how tangential the connection, he was a man such that my fondness for him remains enduring. My condolences to Sally and all those of you who knew him deeply.

  29. Donna Joel says:

    Thinking of you all
    Love from Frances Carolan and Donna Joel and families.

  30. Prue Cole says:

    I didn’t know Jack but having read all the wonderful tributes, I got to understand a little of him. Sally you have been a supreme and loyal carer of a very special person.
    Love and condolences to you.
    Prue Cole

  31. Castlemaine Landcare Group says:

    Everything that others have said about Jack’s character – his respect for others, his humble approach that eschewed boastfulness, his doggedness to keep doing and learning, his thoughtfulness, his commitment to what he believed was right and his Irish twist to the way of seeing the world – showed in his work with landcare. He served as Treasurer in our early years, swung his faithful brushcutter wherever we worked (and dodged), showed his love for supporting the younger generation in their learning about nature and offered wise reflections on human preciousness. The word “dear” was a greeting he applied often – although sometimes probably to avoid having to remember a name. He was “dear”, he was “doughty”, he was special; he is truly missed.
    Castlemaine Landcare Group

Funeral Details

At the request of the family, a private service was held.