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in memory of

Lesley Shavak / Cox

Lesley Shavak / Cox

7th February 1952 - 10th May 2021


Set free on Mother's Day. Mum to Luke and Jayde. Nana to April and Heidi. 


Lesley Cox Funeral & Student Reunion.

Funeral service Monday May 24th 10:00am at the Church of Christ, 66 Blakeley Rd. Castlemaine,

with a burial to follow at the Chewton Cemetery, Pyrenees Hwy, Chewton at 11.30am.

12:00pm Lunch & Student Reunion at the Railway Hotel, 65 Gingell St. Castlemaine.  


All previous ballet students welcome from Swan Hill, Sea Lake, Quambatook, Balranald, Barham, Cohuna,
Moulamein, Nyah, Nyah West, Wakool, Boort, Kerang, Echuca and Bendigo.
Please share this message with all previous students that you may know.
Ladies please wear something bright & if men could suit up.
 Luke is laying his Mum to rest and for all men who are able, please bring your own shovel to assist him.

Funeral Livestream


10 responses to “Lesley Shavak / Cox”

  1. Anne Stokes says:

    Lesley I have been your carer for the last 2 1/2yrs, in that time we achieved a lot, the only regret was we didn’t get to finish your beloved fairy garden for April and Heidi. I will cherish our times together, we shared a lot of highs and lows, I will miss you dearly. Luke thank you for allowing me to say goodbye, she loved you, Leanne, April and Heidi so much, you all brought so much joy to her. R.I.P Lesley ❤️

  2. vicki ryan says:

    Hello, my name is Vicki Smith Ryan and when I was 10 I had the pleasure of being taught ballet by Lesley in Balranald NSW. When I moved to Swan Hill with my family, Lesley would pick me up in her little blue car and we would travel to Balranald together, she was more than a teacher to me, she was my friend and confidant and we shared much together with many laughs. Her teaching was precise and you dare not muck about in her class, even our mums got hunted when classes began. When I discovered she was in Bendigo she also taught my youngest daughter. My love and sympathy goes out to her children and may they know their mum was one in a million, and I am so sorry to hear of her passing.

  3. Christopher Ead says:

    Thank you for the start to my dancing career. May you Rest In Peace.

  4. Luke Shavak says:

    Hi – Luke here, Lesley’s son. Anne don’t worry we’re finishing that fairy garden and we need your input for those little touches! Vicki – I hope you can make it to the funeral it would be lovely to meet you. She was one in a million – a true artist.

  5. Anne and David Trickey says:

    Dear Luke, Leanne, April and Heidi,
    So sorry to hear of Lesley’s passing. We are thinking of you all at this sad time.

  6. Cynthia Underwood. says:

    To you Luke, Leanne, April, Heidi and Jayde, Lesley taught my daughter Kerrilee Underwood Ballet in Barham/Koondrook. She was a great teacher. And you Luke were at Pre-School at Barham with my son Derek Underwood. Our thoughts are with you all at this time of sadness. From Cynthia Underwood. ox

  7. Tim Campbell says:

    Dear Luke,

    I have some great memories of times spent together when we were younger (and perhaps a bit wilder) at your family home in Bendigo. I recall your Mum, Lesley, being front and centre amongst all the frivolity! Reading through many of the tributes and messages left here and elsewhere by others over the last week, it is evident that Leslie had a lot of energy for young people. Mate, you can look back proudly in the knowledge that your Mum made a positive and lasting impression on many people’s lives, particularly through teaching ballet. It was also always evident that your Mum was extremely proud of you and I’m sure she will be continuing to look down over you and your growing family with that same sense of satisfaction.

    I also just wanted to say that the care you gave to your Mum in recent years, when the health issues she was confronted with were very challenging for you both, demonstrates the special person you are to those around you. You and I had a good chat recently (we always have had good chats) about the meanings and purposes that underlie the things that happen as life unfolds and we each progress on our journey – you and your Mum were blessed to have each other and that is something to hold onto going forward.

    Sending lots of love to you, Leanne, April, and Heidi, as well as all your family and friends today as you say goodbye to Leslie – Skip and family x

  8. Monica Hiew says:

    Thank you Miss Cox…I will always remember you.
    I hope you knew how much you meant to me growing up.
    Rest in peace.
    Luke thank you for the beautiful service.
    – Monica Hiew

  9. Megan O'Kane says:

    Lovely Lesley…
    Such a wicked sense of humor and infectious laugh; you will be painfully missed at the Cecchetti events.
    Much love.

  10. Tonya Dow says:

    To My Dear, Dear Miss Cox!
    You are such a special and beautiful part of my childhood! And for that I pay you tribute and thank you with all of my heart! You are still my favourite teacher across my 45 year dancing career. Even though you weren’t very tall you had a physical presence that was commanding, warm and infectious! You managed to balance discipline with encouragement and fun in a way that brought out the best in all of us lucky enough to have you as a teacher. I danced with you in Swan Hill for many years but my most treasured class was on a Thursday night at Nyah West. In Swan Hill you taught me many things but most memorably: an awareness of my body: “You don’t need to look at your toes to know they are pointed Tonya!” I don’t remember any mirrors in any of your studios so we had to learn that skill without them. But it was at Nyah West, in that cold little hall, where you taught me that I could keep going, way beyond the point that I thought I ever could. And it was the 20 minute drive home that I truly cherished. I can’t remember what we talked about, but I do remember feeling as if I were your equal. It wasn’t an adult/ child relationship or one of a teacher/ student. We were friends! 🙏💌 And I remember how you used to pick up the most obscure and heavy things with your toes. And how I desperately wanted to be a Shavak Dancer that performed at places like The Silver Slipper, but unfortunately I was too young! And WOW Luke! I remember you being born! I also remember her telling me about the difficult labour she experienced during your birth! And even in this event she was still teaching me! When I experienced a very similar labour with my own daughter Zoe 15 and half years ago, I somehow knew that I could do it naturally, thanks to your Mum! And now I will finish this tribute with my favourite memory of all. I was 5 years old. I’m guessing it was late January 1976 because it was summer and it was hot. When my Mum asked me if I would like to learn dance, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start. My first class was actually jazz and it was The Young Farmers Hall at the Swan Hill Show Grounds. And then the music started…..
    This is still my favourite song of all time because it marks the beginning of my dance career. And I have only just recently learned that is called “Loves Theme”! How appropriate! Once again thank you Miss Cox for the friendship, the guidance and the lessons, but above all the gift of a love for dance and music! Love Always Tonya Matthews 💋🎶💃

Funeral Details

24th May 2021 at 10:00 AM