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in memory of

Rodney James Ellis

Rodney James Ellis

8th December 1946 - 13th March 2023


Rod passed away peacefully at Bendigo Health.

Husband of Anne. Father of Jason (dec), Natasha and Kane. Father-in-law of Liam and Kerry.

Grandpa of Caleb, Tia, Milly, Cooper, Willow, Sal, Isabella and Daisy.

We will always love and miss him.


A private funeral was held on Monday 20th March, in keeping with Rod’s wishes.


To Grandpa (funeral poem)

By Bella Ellis

Goodbyes are never easy,

And you were no exception.

As the morning sun crept in,

your soul was raised to heaven.


And as that final hour came,

We raised our glass to celebrate.

A life that’s filled with laughter,

Is a life that’s filled with love.

We carry you in all of our hearts,

As you’re watching down from above.


As you drew your final breath,

And slipped away in sleep,

Your aching body awarded rest,

You’d finally found your peace.


Your presence is irreplaceable,

And your soul so dearly missed,

All these words are so incapable,

Of describing the life, you so richly lived.


But we feel you all around us,

 in the world we all observe.

In the buzzing of the bees,

And the laughing of the birds,

In the rustling of the autumn leaves,

Your voice is heard.


We feel your warmth upon the breeze,

From the early morning sun,

To the gentle river that slowly runs,

 into the mighty sea.


We feel your touch in the kiss of sweet summer rain.

We can feel your love coursing through our veins,

We see your face in the first star that shines at night,

And in the perfect flowers that bloom despite,

 the lethal winter frost.


The gods threw a dice, and we are the ones who lost.

They say love comes at much too higher cost.

But for you; a much loved,

father, son, brother, husband, grandpa and friend.

it’s a price we’re all willing to pay, a thousand times again.


It puts my mind at ease,

 to know that your soul is at peace.

And that you are with me,

everywhere I go,

Everywhere I am,

you are in everything I can see.


So; to cut a long story short,

Which perhaps you’re thinking, it’s too late?

We’re here today because your love unites us all.

To the life you led, the man you were,

 We humbly celebrate.




8 responses to “Rodney James Ellis”

  1. Shannon Reading says:

    Remembering what a lovely man Rod was and sending lots of love to Anne and family at this sad time. x

  2. Sandra Weeden says:

    Thank you Rod for all the love you gave to my family!

  3. Rebecca Morrissey says:

    You always took the time to have a chat and check in how I was going when we crossed paths at the Ellis family functions.
    R.I.P. Rod and to Anne and my dear friends Kane, Kerry, Caleb, Tia, Milly, Isabella, Natasha and Liam and girls my heartfelt condolences. xx

  4. Raquel Mayer says:

    Deepest sympathies to Kane, Kerry, Caleb, Milly, Isabella and family.
    Our thoughts are with you constantly at this sad time.
    We will remember Rod as a beautiful man, who was so kind and welcoming.
    Much love from Raquel, Pete, Hollie, Zoe & Joel xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Helen Kennedy says:

    How sad we are to hear of the sad passing of Rod. Anne and family, and all of the Ellis families, our thoughts and sympathy and love goes out to you all.
    Many happy family memories . Sending much love. Joyce, Olwyn, Helen and our families.

  6. Carolyn and Snow Needs says:

    Sending all our love and thoughts to Anne and all of the extended family, at this sad time.

  7. Daisy M says:

    Thank you, Grandpa, for all the good memories I have with you.
    The sleepovers, the trips to Melbourne, and so much more.
    I’ll never forget the time we spent with him.
    – Daisy

  8. Dean Wilkinson says:

    Fond Memories of Rod through his work with Ys Men, he was a true gentleman and always very helpful…

Funeral Details

A private funeral has been held.