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Ronald David Thompson

Ronald David Thompson

2nd October 1933 - 30th July 2021


Ron Thompson died peacefully in Melbourne last Friday after a short bout of pneumonia.

At an auspicious 88, he had endured the passing of his wife Jenny in late 2018 and of his first wife Mary earlier this year.

He will be missed by a decent clan - 3 kids, 6 grand-children, 3 great grand-children, plus 2 step-kids adding another 3 grand-children.


In light of the current border, travel and gathering difficulties, there will be a private cremation.

Friends and relatives are invited to add  thoughts and memories to this tribute page,

to help celebrate his discerning life and his cheeky optimism that extended especially to his life-long support of the mighty Hawks.


Thank you to the people at Emerald Hill in South Melbourne,

and especially to the nursing staff for their extraordinary care in this most difficult and trying time.


10 responses to “Ronald David Thompson”

  1. Linda Clack says:

    You have touched our lives briefly yet so positively. Your charm and ease with people will always be remembered.
    Rest in peace Ron.
    Love Linda & Co (Sevenoaks/UK)

  2. Trevor and Margot Ling says:

    Vale Ron “Thommo”Thompson. Many a Friday lunch was enlivened by your off-beat humour and (inevitably) vigorous discussion on the merits of your great passion The Mighty Hawks. Your enquiring mind, unfairly dimmed at the end by Alzheimers, constantly winkled out the absurdities, quirks and contradictions in the world around us and these you took great delight in exposing, with camera and pen for our entertainment. You travelled heaps but your particular love was Venice as exemplified by your limited edition photographic books, your love of words in the captions that went with them. On the Tributes Page is a photo headed Change of Address- Ron Thompson. It’s a notice Thommo sent out some time ago but seems quite appropriate right now. Dear Ron, you’ve gone to another new address and we all miss you.

  3. Ian Hawksby and Lin Celli says:

    Young Ron,
    We hope there is a footy team to follow somewhere, wherever, as the once mighty Hawks are not kicking up their usual score of wins. Thankfully there are many celebratory years of memories between us to treasure and cherish. Your friendship, outgoing warmth and creative outlook and conversations, and that brilliant Venice collection you published live on.
    See you on the Grand Oval or perchance a Calle in Venice someday.

  4. Ian R A Brown says:

    Mister T
    I enjoyed knowing you since the early 90s, in Hong Kong, the UK and Australia (Melbourne and Castlemaine).
    Your humour and friendliness will be missed by us all.
    You were a real friend over many years.

  5. Virginia Gorton nee Mullumby says:

    I loved spending time with you and Jenny.
    In my early twenties you both took me under your wing, sharing so much and treating me as your equal. I thought Jenny was so lucky to have a bloke like you, and I know she thought that too. Despite your ups and downs together you were passionate partners til the end.
    Always with a sparkle in your eyes and a beautiful warm smile, you shared your home and hospitality with so many fascinating friends.
    Crazy parties that seemed to go on forever in Mt. Martha backgrounded by your magnificent music collection played on an exquisitely balanced turntable only you could touch.
    Long lunches where you spoiled us with your famous beer battered butter fish served up with discussions about possibly everything. Your curious, cryptic mind drew out subjects from politics to art to music to the state of the world all articulated with a quiet but firm commitment to your status quo. I looked forward each Christmas to your quirky Christmas cards, and cryptic notes sent later in the mail when Hawthorn was blitzing the ladder.
    Many hours were spent by me absorbing your beautiful photographic essays of your travels along with your poetic narratives, especially the series you produced of Venice, which clearly captured your heart.
    I enjoyed getting to know over the years, your children Nathan, Morgan and Louise and your grandchildren to whom I send my condolences.
    Also your step children Alexis, Celia and Julian (dec) who were immensely fond of you.
    The world is a lesser place with the loss of you, a man of grace, style and elegance with an artistic, architectural aesthetic, a humble man with a mischievous and quirky sense of humour. Farewell lovely Ron.

  6. Faye Broberg says:

    Dear Thommo
    I hope you’re embarrassed by the accolades everyone is giving. I have simple remembrances to share such as your magnificent train set in its own room at Harcourt Street, and the baby grand in the front room, and watching in admiration as you cooked in a wok at a time when we thought they were the things you threw at wabbits. (I can hear you chuckling now.) Then there were many weekends at Lorne with you and Jenny and little Alexis, Celia and Julian. But you were more of a city bloke I think with interesting opinions on everything. I enjoyed our verbal jousting, and seeing you each week after Scrabble games with Jenny. They were good days. Ciao Ronaldo.

  7. Gerlinde Volk says:

    I first met Jenny and Ron in Hong Kong.
    Since then I enjoyed their friendship, especially during their trips in Europe.
    There we used to travel together for a short while – Venice, Sintra, Paris, Cordoba, Berlin, London…
    I miss both of you!❤️

  8. David and Carole Webster says:

    A true man of the world.
    It was an honour and joy to be in your company Ron … and with Jenny.
    You have given us many good memories.
    Condolences to the extended family.

  9. Linda Gent says:

    I’m proud to say I’ve known Ron my whole life. From the early days in Mt Eliza to the fun times and all the parties at Harcourt Street! I’ll treasure the more recent times we had and of course with Jenny too. He was always kind, funny, generous and great company. Ron and Jenny stepped back into our lives when Bill and Shelagh were no longer with us and I’ll always be grateful for that. I didn’t expect I wouldn’t see him again and I’ll miss him a great deal. Sending love and heartfelt best wishes to Nathan, Morgan, Louise, Alexis, Celia and all the grandchildren.

  10. elly varrenti says:

    Met Mr Thompson in, um, 1975, maybe ’74, at Harcourt Street Hawthorn. I was in first-love with his son Ned (Ron’s nickname for Nathan), and yeah, I was young sure, but not so young I didn’t recognise in Ron, charm, charisma and cool when I saw it.
    Such a lot of loss for the family in recent months.
    My love – Elly.

Funeral Details

At the request of the family, a private service was held.