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in memory of

Sharon Thompson

Sharon Thompson

21st December 1967 - 3rd April 2024


Loving beautiful wife of Mark, and caring mother to Sherelle, Kye and Sam. 
The coolest grandmother to Baylee, Eden, Tylar, Lucas, Jaxon and Wyatt,
mother in law Daniel and Talissa.
Our hearts were broken when you left,
always in our hearts
taken far too soon ❤️


Family and friends are invited to join with us at Sharon's funeral service

in the Botanical Gardens, Napier Street, White Hills (Bendigo) on Friday 12th April commencing at 10.30am.


In lieu of flowers you may wish to make a donation to

Great Dane Rescue Victoria on behalf of Angel Dane 🙏❤️

BSB: 033 636

Account: 361566



18 responses to “Sharon Thompson”

  1. Mark Thompson says:

    My darling I can’t imagine life without you, you gave me life, a family, you gave me love, everything a man could ever want.
    Love you for ever.

  2. Suzanne brasser says:

    To Sharon, the most loving caring sister in law. We will miss you greatly.
    RIP beautiful lady.
    Love to all from Suzanne and Malcolm (bras)

  3. Sherelle peterson says:

    My dearest mumma,
    My life will never be the same without you. You were half my heart and my best friend and I feel so lost without you. Everyday my heart breaks just a little more, but I keep it together for you and everyone else. I know you are no longer in pain, but it still doesn’t hurt any less that you are gone. Gone physically, but forever in our hearts.
    Love you always xx your daughter Rell xx

  4. Sam Glazner says:

    In every step I take, in every lesson I learn and in every moment I cherish, your love and guidance shine brightly. You are the epitome of strength, grace and compassion, and your unwavering support has shaped me into the person I am today. Your selfless devotion to our family and your boundless love are the pillars of our lives.
    Through life’s storms and sunshine, you remain steadfast, offering comfort and wisdom with your gentle words and nurturing embrace.
    Your laughter is the melody of our home, your smile the beacon of hope in the darkest of times.
    Your kindness knows no bounds, touching the lives of all who have the privilege of knowing you.

    As I walk through life’s journey, I carry with me the lessons you’ve taught me – to be resilient in the face of adversity, to embrace every moment with gratitude and to love fiercely and unconditionally.

    Today, I honor you, for all that you are and all that you’ve given. Your legacy of love will forever illuminate our hearts, guiding us with its warmth and strength.

    Thank you for being my rock, my confidante and my greatest inspiration. I am endlessly grateful to call you my mom.

  5. Dianne Ayris says:

    Sharon, I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you before you got your wings, I love you so much and will miss you. Even though we hadn’t seen each other for awhile,
    you will be in my thoughts for ever.. condolences to the family.💔❤️

  6. Chantel Brusnahan says:

    Life is so short and unpredictable but your one that I always knew I could turn to and depend on. I loved that I always felt like your little ‘black sheep.’ You’re also one person that always spoke your truth and walked your path unapologetically and so authentically.
    One of my favourite memories is coming over to your house after having a fight with mum and crying and whinging and you wrapping your around me saying “ baby girl, you know your mum only has your best interests at heart and that’s why she does what she does. She is a bitch though and we both know that!” And with that cuddle and giggle everything felt so much more manageable.
    My heart breaks for the conversations never finished and the time that we all won’t have together, but I will see you again xox

  7. Marianne hodshon says:

    To Sharon, I’m shocked to hear that you have put on your angel wings and flown up above. I will miss our chats on messenger my dear cousin.
    Rip girl xxx from Marianne.

  8. Daniel Peterson says:

    Sharon, to my wonderful Mother In law, you were always there when we needed you, now I will be there for Shell, my girls and the rest of the family.
    Miss you always, Daniel xxxooo

  9. Beau Glazner says:

    My dearest aunty. It was too long between the last time seeing you. Life races by and then, it catches up with us. I still remember when I would ride my bike to come and play when we all lived in Wilsdon. The door was always answered with a big smile and an even bigger hug from you.
    I used to go to spend time with my cousins, but I would stay because I was welcomed and loved the same in yours and Marks home as much as my own.
    I remember how you would refer to Mum as “chook” and how funny I thought it was. Now, as I think about it, it was sweet and endearing. You two together went through the worst and the best, that’s true love, through good and bad, but always wanting the best for each other.
    That leads to you both wanting the best for each other’s children and now grandchildren.
    Family is everything and I’ll cherish my childhood memories for life and do my best to look after Mum for you, but my jokes will never compare though so instead we will talk about you and laugh to reminisce.
    Yours always, your favourite nephew, Beau.

  10. Brenda Glazner says:

    This is a message for the one person who just got me and was even a little quirker than me. I love being in your presence, your unconditional love for me was endless.
    I remember as children I wouldn’t get into the bath unless you got in with me and sit on the plug so sharks wouldn’t come up the plug hole, you never questioned it just did it for me. You always had my back even when I was out of line. I feel so privileged to have been there as you moved on to your next chapter of being. Our conversation stands when I told you it’s time to move on and leave the pain behind, but please check in time to time with me. I will be watching out for the soft breeze on my cheek, your cheeky giggle as the wind rustles the leaves in the trees, a whisper in my ear as I fall to sleep knowing my big Siss has my back.
    I will hear from you soon. Love you forever, your Chooky

  11. Kye says:


    You were a truly strong woman who battled pain and this disease. I sit back and remember the day that you told us that you had this terrible disease, however instead of feeling sorry or defeated, you let us all know that you would fight this because you were determined to meet your new grandchild who was on the way and didn’t want to leave your children and grandchildren behind without a mother or Nanna to care for them.
    You did that and got to meet Wyatt and the love that was displayed will be forever in my memory as one of the most beautiful moments to watch.
    Even when he was fighting his own medical battles you still put him first, you would call and check in on him even after all that you endured, and this shows what type of incredible woman you truly were.
    The day you left us, it truly felt like we had all lost something that can never be replaced, you were the one who we could call and voice our frustrations, the one who we could be vulnerable to without judgment. I remember many times when I was lost and sad all I had to do was look at you and you would know, we never had to say a word, you would just come and hug us and that was all I needed to know, we were truly loved.
    You never would think at this age you would not have your mum in your world, yet I am thankful for the time we had together. You will be truly missed however your memory will live on through the lives you touched and the family who adored you.
    I may never see you again in this lifetime though we all know you will be watching over us until we meet again.
    As they say, it’s not goodbye it is see you later.
    Love you always Kye.

  12. Kim Murley says:

    My dear bestie. How I miss you. You were my rock, my friend, my partner in crime lol and my biggest support. You saved me in ways you will never no. It still doesn’t feel real.
    I know you’re no longer in pain and that’s a blessing. But your absence will leave a huge hole in so many people’s hearts and lives.
    Till we meet again my boo boo. Xxx

  13. Baylee Peterson says:

    Nanna, thankyou for always being there for me and always making sure I was ok. Even when u were sick u always made sure everyone else was ok before yourself. Thankyou for being such a caring and supportive person to everyone. We all miss you very much but know that you aren’t in pain anymore.
    Thankyou for looking over us and making sure we are safe 💕🕊

  14. Darren Glazner says:

    I didn’t get time to say
    Thank you for the honour and privilege of being your brother. Thank you for always loving me. Thank you for always teaching me. Thank you for always protecting me. Sometimes I was not near but I always new you where close.
    Thank you for showing me angels are real….love you my sister. Till I see you again luv ya xx

  15. Talissa Glazner says:

    Sharon, mum you have left such a huge hole in all of our hearts. I am so incredibly appreciative of the amazing mother in law you have been to me, stepping in like my own mother, loving and supporting me through some of my most recent hardest days while battling your own. Lovingly embracing me and letting my tears flow without ever any judgement. I promise to look after Kye and your grandsons as well as the rest of the family until we meet again.
    Love always and forever Talissa xx

  16. James Harmsworth says:

    To my dear sister in law, Sharon.
    It is with sadness in my heart that I’m having to write these words.
    Time is a commodity we all think we have alot of, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. However, it is time well used that makes the difference.
    For the most part we lived in different states, or different towns so our catch ups were few and far between, but it was always quality. Brenda, Charlee and I looked forward to each time we met up. We would always cherish the family event that had either of us travelling interstate, meeting half way at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat or a Sunday morning stroll at Bendigo markets.
    I remember a road trip you and I did together from Port Augusta to Adelaide where Mark was to pick you up and take you home.
    That trip was quality time spent. You and I talked and laughed, I heard stories of Brenda and you from the past. We got to know one another and at that moment, became more like brother and sister which meant alot to me.
    You will forever be in our thoughts and memories.
    Love James.

  17. Charlee Glazner Harmsworth says:

    To the beautiful lady I had the privilege to call my auntie Sharon,
    I will forever look up to you and how you were continuously unapologetically yourself. I believe life’s purpose is not to change for people to enjoy your company but to find, love, and cherish the people that love you because you embrace being yourself. Although I’ve always been terrible at following that, I now have full intentions to live by that for the rest of my time here. Because I know you were so proud of the person I am.
    I remember the time I was young, you painted my nails, a blinding pink, it was so you. After arriving back at school I had received mean comments on the colour and even being the sensitive child I am, I didn’t care. Because they were my auntie sharon’s favourite colour. That is the strength you give me.
    I would trade the world for some more conversation with you, one more late night teaching me how to play your new video game, one more day with you at the markets looking at crystals.
    I am so proud to be your Charlee puss.
    I love you so much more than any paragraph could ever possibly express.
    Thank you for being amazing
    – Love Charlee puss xxxx

  18. Pam & Lance Peterson says:

    Sharon you were a strong and courageous person who always put your family first.
    Rest peacefully.

Funeral Details

12th April 2024 at 10:30 AM